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Helpstaff, also known as a Staff member or just Staff, are considered, in the context of the furry fandom, both MU*'s and furry convention helpers.

MU* staff[edit]

MU*' staff usually haven't got the powers of a wizard, but they can often be knowledgeable and helpful. They generally act as information sources and teachers, though on role-playing (RP) MU*'s, some may also act in the capacity of GMs.

Some possible special abilities which helpstaff may enjoy include:

  • Character creation
  • Allowing guests to leave specially confined areas
  • Communication via staff-specific channels in various chat programs
  • Special item creation (usually "statted" items used in RP) or extra point awards
  • License to judge some or all role-playing scenes which may occur on the MU*

These abilities and others are typically privileges, not always granted to a particular staffer, and not always even available to be granted.

Convention staff[edit]

Staff members' role in furry conventions is to run errands and jobs which are required for the conventions to operate sustainably. Staff is also a term to simply describe workers at any sort of establishment, furry conventions included.

Convention terms
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