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Stacey, variously identified under the full name of Stacey English or Stacey Payne, has been accused of impersonating numerous artists and writers, including several well-known furry artists.[1] She impersonated Adele Sessler, falsely claiming ownership of her artwork. [2]

Stacey has allegedly registered accounts of various types under usernames that match or closely resemble those whom she is trying to impersonate. Among these activities are:

  • creating galleries on deviantArt, Fur Affinity, SheezyArt and other similar services;
  • creating blogs on various sites including LiveJournal, Xanga, and MySpace;
  • registering e-mail addresses on gmail, AOL, and other free e-mail services;
  • creating usernames on AIM and other online chat systems.

In at least one instance she is alleged to have sold someone else's artwork for personal profit.

Efforts to trace the IP addresses she has operated from suggest she is probably located somewhere in Maryland. (Anonymously, fom someone who knows and has lived with her, she lives at her family's home in Montgomery County, Maryland)


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