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Squick (noun, plural squicks), a mainstream English phonetic onomatopoeia, formed of squ-, as in "squeamish" and -ick as in ick!, is a source of psychological discomfort or experienced disgust ("to be grossed out").


Squick originated in the Usenet newsgroup alt.sex.bondage and was popularized primarily in the newsgroup alt.tasteless.

Squick and furry[edit]

As an appropriated furspeech term, Squick is the act of offending, surprising, exasperating, or shocking any person (usually) not related to the furry fandom, with extreme displays[citation needed] of unacceptable furry behavior, which could sometimes include overt sexual acts.[citation needed]

These incidents normally occur during events where furs and mundanes come in contact with each other in large numbers, such as furry conventions. Even though some furries[who?] take pride in "squicking the mundanes,"[citation needed] this type of behavior is not condoned by the majority of the fandom.[citation needed]


The proposed unit of time for the onset of "squickness" on an individual is the milliWinger (mWgr, plural milliWingers, also expressed as the Winger [Wgr],) named for furry artist Doug Winger, and is measured in milliseconds. An alternative unit is the Shudder.[citation needed]

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