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Squee(Mouse) is the Oldest real life daughter of Feenixfire She has moved away from the fandom in her twenties, and is seen infrequently in her various on-line haunts. However, she is still an avid collector of anthro art, and has been seen in a handful of new incarnations, including a Vixen in armour, mirroring her real life armoured combat hobby, and Society for creative anachronism heraldry. Her current significant other is a non-fur commonly represented as a Tablero Gucci playing skunk in artworks she has commissioned of him.

A furry-bodied dragon with a Rodent/Micro complex, She is mistaken for a an actual Rodentfurre. She used to frequent Furcadia and Second Life, her avatar on the latter being a 3D Rat anthro with a penchant for being morphed into a feral form small enough to sit comfortably on the arm of a chair to eat cookies.

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