Squad Redpaws

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Squad Redpaws is a small, close-knit, low-key, furry-specific military simulation group, based out of the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The Squad currently contains three regulars and four irregulars, spread from Pittsburg to South San Jose.

Easily identified by their distinctive camouflage and badges, Squad Redpaws frequent airsoft fields in Southern and Northern California. Members can also be seen in uniform at such conventions as Further Confusion and Conifur.


First envisioned in September of 2004 by Cetaphin and Rudy_Jones, the Redpaws first deployed on October 24th, 2004, in the mountains near Santa Cruz, California. Squad Redpaws grew steadily, adding three additional members and finding unofficial sponsorship from a local airsoft production company within the first six months.

Equipment & Tactics[edit]

Squad equipment and tactics are based around light infantry principles. Small fireteams form a bounding overwatch towards a central objective. Each fireteam usually consists of three soldiers, each with specialties ranging from fire support to sniper/reconissance.

Uniform consists of the ACU (Army Combat Uniform} or Multicam, Magnum combat boots, and olive drab MOLLE tactical gear. MICH helmets are used on preference and operation.

Weapons are of personal choice and specialty, ranging from the newly-released H&K MP-7 to the venerable M249 Squad Automatic Weapon.

Commonly-used vendors for squad weaponry are Marui and Classic Army, the squad is currently testing weaponry from new manufacturers such as Guay & Guay and Star.

Playing Fields[edit]