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Spyfox02 (born 1984) is a Agnostic furry who lives in Illinois, United States. His fursona is a fox and he is a member of LAFF.


Spyfox02 was once employed at Chuck E. Cheese's, and, when not acting as a cashier, performed as the mascot. Almost every day, he portrayed Chuck E. Cheese himself, and this activity inspired an interest in fursuiting. As of right now, he wears a fox tail anytime he's in public. He also wears his partial fursuit at fur-cons starting with Anthrocon 2010.


Spyfox02 has been to Midwest FurFest (MFF) 2009, and AnthroCon (AC) 2010.

He is planing to go to MFF 2010 and many more fur-cons


Spyfox02's interests include fursuiting, going to fur-cons, playing the Pokémon Trading Card Game (he has been to many tournaments), video games, bike riding, and looking at information on the world-wide web.

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