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This is not the same person as the similarly-named Spuug.

SPUG is a fur from Texas, USA but she lives in California now. She has had two fursonas, earlier a blue cat, but now a brown mouse.

Spug's old Fursona
Jigen from Lupin III as a lion

Spug is most known for drawing gay furry art of well known cartoon and animation characters such as Lupin the third and Batman. She has a few sites, including Maturation, The Dark Darkwing Duck comic.

Humor and Subculture[edit]

Spug is a retired Skinhead, but not to be confused with a Nazi or a 88 Bonehead. She has a crude sense of humor and loves to laugh at flamers and trolls. She also hates pedophiles and cub porn, and refuses to draw it, not even for money.

Spug can eat her goddamn sandwich!

To the contrary, her male fursona, Spud is a racist skinhead, and a Zombie; while he is meant to offend, most fans have taken to loving him.

Spud the *loveable* zombie skinhead

Known Alias[edit]

  • Spug
  • Dirty Baka
  • PuppetCore
  • Desensitized

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