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Sprrigs Ajaxen, as drawn by Tacita.

Sprrigs (real name: Lucas Fraley, born April 4th)[1] is a furry artist and former Furry Amino curator who lives in North Carolina, United States.[1] He is mated to WiFi!.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Sprrigs became a furry in 2010 after being inducted into the Sonic fandom, he remained a closet furry for a extended amount of time untill being introduced to Majira and his YouTube content, afterwards he made accounts on Fur Affinity, Twitter, Telegram, and a few more websites.

Sprrigs became a curator of Furry Amino on January 29, 2017. On March 16, 2017 he announced that he was no longer a curator, with no reason given,[2] and on April 3, 2017, announced he was leaving the site entirely.[3]


  • Sprrigs Ajaxen: An Ethiopian wolf character. He serves as a knight for the fictional nation of Foxington.[4]
  • Amber Ajaxen: The adoptive sister of Sprrigs. She is a mage specialized in healing.[5]

Real life[edit]

Sprrigs was born on the eastern coast of North Carolina in the town of Swansboro, in 2007 he moved to Florida, eventually moving back to Swansboro in 2014.


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