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Springdragon (also known as Silent Springdragon or Silence Springdragon) is an anthro artist from Denver, Colorado.[1]


Springdragon's species is unclear, but generally tends to have influence from an Oriental dragon. His fursona is comprised of two units. One is a large quadruped creature with long white fur, a draconic tail, a light green crest, and gold eyes. The shoulders are large and the head is square with large ears and semi-transparent blue antlers. The upper canines protrude from the black lips and the expression is almost always aggressive.

The second part is a small humanoid with the same coloring and attributes, who wears a white shirt and camo pants. Both have eyewear. The description under the image of his early 2008 badge reads "Silence is the female, cute, likeable part. Wolvendragon is the male, non-human, powerhouse and the brains of the operation. Typical, that I can't condense myself into one unit."

Springdragon also has several other non-story-linked anthro characters, including a pink and gold tigress called Sakura, a melanistic tigress called Pardhart and a young lion called Caden.

The artist[edit]

Springdragon works in a digital medium. He may experiment with many different styles of shading and coloring. He is a proficient mimic and does not have a set "style", although there is a clear distinction between the pieces meant to be toony and the pieces meant to be realistic. When drawing in a toony style, he usually takes a more anime-like approach.

Springdragon does not specialize, but often draws canines and felines. He is almost always open for commissions and can be found selling works on both Furbuy and Furbid.

Springdragon is also the writer and artist of the comic Wolvenwing, and the less popular, non-furry, Calico Kiss.

He is currently pursuing a full time job as an artist on the pet site Aywas.


Springdragon is the creator of the Chibits, a small gang of chibi creatures used for clip art and other random decoration. This group includes a studious blue wolf called Chibifang, a friendly fox called Kitti, black cat twins with reversed personalities called Kuro and Ko-chan, a shy four-tailed fox called Kage, and the insane Madnine, a nine-tailed silver fox who is the only non-chibi in the group.


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