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Spreebok (most commonly Spree) is a fursuit-maker who lives in Exeter, Devonshire, southwest United Kingdom. She is single (circa 2011) and in her own words it's 'a lot less hassle'. She is a small time moderator on the Ukfur forums, manning the 'Constructive Critique' subforum. She claims it's the most underused forum on the boards.

She often says that she had been a closet furry since she was a very young child, but only discovered the furry fandom at the age of 13. She paid it no heed, until the age of 15, when her boyfriend at the time discovered the infamous Encyclopedia Dramatica article. In an attempt to defend furries from his abuse, she got talking to a local furry, and before she knew it she was embracing the fandom. She didn't fully take flight until she turned 16, and was able to sign up to the Ukfur forums, and it wasn't long before she took an interest in fursuit making.

In 2011, Spreebok was planning to attend her first convention later in 2011. However she claims she wouldn't travel to any outside of the UK, because she hates traveling.

Spreebok is a big animal lover, and has kept a vertiable menagerie throughout her life. These include dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, tropical and cold water fish. In 2011, her pets were a pair of cats, a black Labrador Retriever, a pair of longhaired guinea pigs, two tanks of tropical fish, one tank of coldwater fish, and the newest addition to the group, a snow corn snake named Lister.


Spree's fursona is a tan, white and black kangaroo/springbok mashup. Originally the character was a springbok inspired, antelope-like creature, with a dog muzzle and sharp teeth. This was changed a few months later to a creature with four horns, canine feet and hands and a long, kangaroo-like tail. This design was kept for about a year, until Spree decided it was time to plan a Spreebok fursuit. She had been a bit unhappy with the character for a while, so decided to give her an overhaul. She is now officially a kangaroo/springbok hybrid, sporting a small pair of horns, large, kangaroo-like ears and large kangaroo feet. Features that have remained throughout the process have been the large, black mane sprouting from the middle of the shoulders, the striped markings on the face, arms, legs and tail, the androgynous look and the large, monsterous grin. Unusually, for a hybrid of two herbivores, Spreebok sports a mouth full sharp, pointy teeth. When asked about the grin and the teeth, Spree usually replies 'Pfft, don't ask me, I don't even know!'. Spree is never drawn in a feminine way, which has caused confusion in the past as to her gender. Spreebok is female, but is very blokey and unlady-like, spending most of her time slouching, scratching, snoozing or looking grouchy. She does not have breasts, which is unusual for a female character, instead having a large poof of fur on her chest. Spree says that the reason behind this is that she is not very womanly in her mannerisms, so her fursona reflects that.

Spreebok was previously known as Drox, when she first entered the fandom, a character she has had from the age of 12. A small, orange dragon/fox hybrid, Spree retired Drox after about 6 months in the fandom, as she felt that such a personal character deserved a bit of rest, and thus Spreebok was born.

Conventions and furmeets[edit]

Spreebok was planning to attend Confuzzled 2011, and and be in the dealers den, selling her fursuit related items alongside Shirik

Spreebok is a regular attender and organizer of her local Exeter furmeets, and often runs meets which involve fursuiting. She usually co-organizes these meets with a local furry called Wolfie Danno, and the turnouts are increasing by the meet!


Spreebok took to fursuiting like a duck to water. It was the perfect activity for her, thanks to her love of crafts, and her creative mind. So much so, that she and her good friend Shirik decided to open up their own fursuit building studio, under the name Hybrid Studios. The name came about after Spree pointed out that their fursonas were both hybrid characters. It was intended as a place holder, but it stuck and became their official name. Spreebok says she enjoys making strange, odd looking creatures the most, as the designs are unique and inspiring. Spree was delighted have won 2nd place in the 2010 UKFur Awards 'Best Fursuit Builder' category, and said it was a massive confidence boost.

Her fursuit is a long-eared, blue goat named Speckle, who is a partial (circa 2011). She features a very effective moving jaw, toony eyes, a balaclava build and big, stompy feet. Speckle has proven very popular, and placed 4th in the 'Favourite Fursuit' category in the 2010 Ukfur awards.

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