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The Spreader Bar is a neighborhood BDSM bar derived from The Golden Lash. It is a BDSM club designed to appear to the casual visitor as a simple neighborhood bar, but for those in the know, it provides a safe meeting place to discuss and explore the scene.

The club focus is simply to create a place for people interested in BDSM and other fetishes to have a place to meet others of like mind and play. This new club will be a freestanding MUCK owned by Woggle the original owner of The Golden Lash.

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  • Ran from/to: 2008 - current


The bar has two floors, 1 private, 1 public. The private level consists of the second floor owner and staff residences. The lower floor will consist of the bar, six playrooms, a residential wing and possibly a second club.

Ground floor[edit]

The ground floor consists of the bar, its playrooms, the residential wing and an adjacent club named Club Alpha.

  • The bar is the meet and greet area, primarily for discussion, and general relaxation, although there is a stage for performances. Modeled after a neighborhood bar though with a distinct thing, it is a simply furnished room decorated with framed prints of bondage scenes from popular media except for the bar itself which is decorated with a variety of small bondage equipment. In addition to the bar, there are a small number of tables, and an even smaller number of private booths, along with a pool table and dart board.
  • residential area houses small apartments for all registered players on the MUCK. This separates the bar from Club Alpha
  • Club Alpha is a non-consensual play area, basically one large well stocked dungeon with a bar in one corner. The rules are simple, all are meat, traditional roles are not recognized here, those entering do so at their own risk.


The basement playrooms consist of five dungeons:

  1. The Traditional Dungeon is inspired by your stereotypical, mid-evil dungeon, and is fitted with the appropriate equipment such as racks, crosses and modern variations of traditional equipment. Because of its general and popular nature, there are two of these, one on each side of the hallway.
  2. The Classroom is for those who like roleplaying in a school room setting.
  3. The Bedroom is, at a glance, just a normal bedroom. Upon closer inspection, one finds that it is set up to be the ultimate bondage bedroom. It is one that most could only dream of having and is one the owner seems to enjoy flaunting.
  4. The Courtroom is a combination courtroom and prison.


  1. Respect for your fellow fur is required at ALL times inside the Spreader Bar, per BDSM and MUCK etiquette. Disrespect (Outside of OOCly consensual dirty-talk/humiliation) will not be allowed! Disrespect includes, but is not limited to: interrupting the scenes of others/white knight-ing (Yes, if you're given OOC permission to play out saving someone, its allowed.), disrupting the intended use of areas, bashing gender/species/sexual orientation/kinks/role playing ability, insulting furs and/or making jokes at their expense, and claiming a fur's attention and/or personal space without first whispering/paging for permission first. This is in line with MUCK-wide policy on this matter.
  2. The bar is the primary hangout for the Spreader Bar. It is requested that the club remains an area for IC/OOC conversation, Unlike the rest of the club, which is reserved for IC interaction. Sexual Roleplay is frowned on here, and to be kept to a minimum based on what's appropriate to the scene at hand.
  3. Club Alpha is non-con, and IC protests, safewords and the like will not necessarily protect you, but OOC safe words will.
  4. Safewords. According to Wikipedia, 'A safeword is a codeword or series of codewords that are sometimes used in BDSM to mean that a bottom or submissive is reaching a limit or for the Top/Dom to stop the sceneplay.' We comply with MUCKwide rules & respect safewords here at all times.
  5. Pets/slaves/submissives/etc. have the right to break, exit, raincheck, put on-hold, or otherwise end a scene if their owner requires them to come when called. We do request that both dom and sub carry a cinfo field stating that they are owned or own a pet so potential partners are informed up front. Likewise, if a staff member is not in the mood to scene, please respect that.
  6. The bar, being public, is not for roleplaying bloodsports, heavy non-consensual play, scat, sexual ageplay, watersports and extreme forms of humiliation and violence, you can explore Club Alpha for non-consent play. For the rest, please enjoy a private room or playroom that is not in immediate public view. If, at any time, furs complain about a scene happening in the main rooms, they can be requested via whisper to move to another room.


Originally part of The Golden Lash created by Joseph Harrison, variously known as Red.Jack, Allegro, Woggle and Fluxxx, it will be set up as a free standing simpler and more casual muck supervised by him.