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Spottacus Cherval (cheetah+serval) at FC 2011

Spottacus Cheetah is an inventor, entrepreneur, physician, biophysicist, and incurable romantic when in human form, and a cheetah or other felid when in true furry form. Best known mononymously as Spottacus, or even just Spotti. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is not happy when forced to appear without ears, tail, or when asked not to purr, growl, hiss, bite, pounce, waggle, or lick (inevitably, that leads to some drama[1]).

Birth and early development[edit]

Born on a smoggy day in Southern California, Spottacus has been anthro since birth, slinky in the 90s, and is now furry too. Amazingly, he crawled on all fours well before he learned to walk upright and pretend to be human. He deeply worried his parents by continuing to purr and hiss well after "normal human children" ceased such activities, but his parents grew to accept his furriness, and his mom, sister, and niece have come to watch him at furcon fursuit parades, and his mom even has invited him to accompany her to her parties.

Anthro life[edit]

Spottacus is frequently seen in animal form, usually as a large spotticat. He didn't grow fur until late in life, but passed the "how furry are you?" test with 100% positive answers before he was 12. Spottacus' household includes three true feline spotticats, one of which is an African Serval.

Major Characters[edit]

Spottacus' fursonas include the following:

Toofs the Sabertooth by BeastCub.jpg
2012 Toofs the Sabertooth by Clockwork Creature at Comic Con
2015 Primal Visions Cheetah
2014 Ozzie the Ocelot
  • Spottacus - Cheetah. Fursuit by Alexis Rudd of Primal Visions. Built with NFT fur that is computer controlled, so each hair is selected from a set of up to 4 fibers... so the spots and underfur are woven right on the loom, not printed or sewn. This is a "first" as far as we know... but will likely be the future. Debuted at Midwest Furfest 2015. A serval/cheetah hybrid was introduced in 2011. Concept art by Ferality Illustrations and Vantid, fursuit by Lance Ikegawa. Of note, Spottacus has a real, life, non-anthro serval who lives with him, and who served as a model for this character.
  • Toofs - California sabertooth, Smilodon californicus. Fursuit has been made in realistic, fantasy, toony, and even squeaky forms. Originally conceived by Qarrezel completed in 2011 in both zentai and musclesuit form. The toony version was done by Bambiboo3, redone in v.2 in early 2012. A bright yellow foamed latex cartoony version was made by ZebraThingy. In 2012, a fantasy saber was built by [Beastcub Creations].
  • Dandy - Lion. A plushie lion, conceived and designed by Midori.
  • Ozzie - Ocelot. The only suit based on a commercial character -- Baboo in the FX series Archer. Suit by Midori Fursuits.
  • rawr~* - Dragon. Dragonsuit conceived by Trunchbull and is progress in multiple forms. Started in 2011, but still yet to be completed due to technical challenges.
rawr the Dragon

Minor Characters[edit]

There are a number of minor characters, some unnamed, which include:

  • Cougar (based on partial cougar for Myst cougar)
  • Druid, based on WoW
  • Wolf (original and rave wolf)
  • Hyena
  • Fawxen (Fox), Fursuit orginally conceived as character KaiyaSoftpaw by DHC, in it's second life now with a new name.
Fawxen by DHC having coffee

In Real Life[edit]

Spottacus is a physician/inventor. Founding his first company at 13, he has started a number of companies, with multiple products reaching the market in several fields, including by merger/acquisition and public offering. He integrates his anthro life into his real life, and both holds new hire job interviews even at furcons, as well as fursuits to the office. When mundanes (non-furs) describe him, the term "eccentric" probably comes the closest. Think of Tony Stark, but not as arrogant or obscenely wealthy.

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  • LJ for blog prior to 2011


  1. As to the drama, so far the non-furs are fine with it, while some local furs worry that this will reflect badly on the fandom and are NOT fine with his frequently public furry or zentai appearances and even go on twitter rampages or talk about it at restaurants far from home (yes, you were overheard). So, go figure!