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Primal Visions Cheetah (2015

Spottacus Cheetah (born in Southern California, USA), is a fursuiter, inventor, entrepreneur, and physician who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.


He has multiple companies and is associated with multiple successful products that have reached the market. He founded his first company at 13[citation needed] and other associated companies have involved mergers, acquisitions, and public offerings.[clarify]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Spottacus has been anthro since birth. He purred and hissed well beyond the age expected for “normal human children” to cease, thus worrying his parents. However, they have grown to accept his lifestyle and choices, and have watched him at convention fursuit parades, and he has attended parties with his parents. Before he was 12, he completed the “how furry are you?” test with 100% positive answers.

He often integrates his furry lifestyle into his real-life activities, and has held job interviews at furcons, and has worn fursuits to his workplaces and offices.

Characters, fursonas, and fursuits[edit]

His fursona is a cheetah, usually seen as a large spotticat. He dislikes being unable to wear furry ears or tail, as well as being asked to not purr, growl, hiss, bite, pounce, waggle, or lick in public. He makes frequent public furry and zentai appearances, which his peers sometimes feel uncomfortable with.

Spottacus' fursonas and fursuits include the following:

  • Spottacus - Cheetah. Fursuit by Alexis Rudd of Primal Visions, built with NFT fur, debuted at Midwest FurFest 2015. This fur was constructed with a computerized process that selected hair from a set of up to 4 fibers, so spots and backing are woven on the loom, and are not printed or sewn. This appears to be a unique trait for fursuits. A serval/cheetah hybrid was introduced in 2011. Concept art by Ferality Illustrations and Vantid, fursuit by Lance Ikegawa. This character’s model was inspired by Spottacus’ serval pet.
  • Toofs - California sabertooth, Smilodon californicus. Fursuit has been made in multiple forms, including realistic, fantasy, toony, and latex. The character was originally conceived and completed in 2011 by Qarrezel in both zentai and muscle suit form. A toony version was completed by Bambiboo3, and redone in a second version in early 2012. A bright yellow foamed latex cartoony version was completed by ZebraThingy. A fantasy saber was built by [Beastcub Creations] in 2012.
  • Dandy - Lion. A plushie lion conceived and completed by Midori.
  • Ozzie - Ocelot. An ocelot based on Baboo in the FX series Archer, completed by Midori.
  • rawr~* - Dragon. Dragonsuit conceived by Trunchbull. A physical suit of this character began in 2011 but has encountered technical challenges and has yet to be completed.

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