Spot 12: the Story of a Birth

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Spot 12: the Story of a Birth is a non-fiction graphic novel created & self-published by Jenny Jaeckel, with book design by Josué Menjivar and cover by Josué & Jenny.

The story focuses on the author giving birth to a baby born with major complications. Most of the people are depicted as anthropomorphic.

It was awarded a grant from the Xeric Foundation in 2008[1] leading to publication in 2009.


Asa, a female baby. After she is born, Asa is placed in "Special Care Nursery", room 41, spot 12. Born with a Trache Oesophageal Fistula (T.E.F.) and esophageal Atresia. First appearance: page 4.

Jenny, a female mouse? Mother of Asa. First appearance: page 5.

Cito, a male mouse? Jenny's husband. First appearance: page 6.

Jenny's mother (unnamed?), female humanoid? First appearance: page 14.

Dill, a furry? Brother of Cito. First appearance: page 14.

M. Corduroy, a bear? Jenny & Cito's midwife. First appearance: page 6.

M. Cotton, a furry. One of 2 midwives who replaced midwife Corduroy for inducing birth. First appearance: page 7?

M. Friend Deer.

Dr. Strideforth, a furry with long upward pointing ears. A surgeon. First appearance: page 11.

Dr. Storytime, a Scottish Terrier? First appearance: page 16.


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