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SporkMUCK (SPK-M) was an elitist MUCK based in the northern UK that was formed out of boredom and grew into a host for jaded furries, ex-furries, non-furries, and anti-chavs. When checked in February 2022, it did not exist.

SporkMUCK's founding principles are slack and chaos. The post-apocalyptic theme extends only to the borders of the central city; several other cities, forests, lakes, ruins, and subterranean tunnels exist. Coded MUD-like RPG systems are sporadically toyed with, the program library is rich and documentation is sufficient and updated. Player building is encouraged and supported by staff. Five to fifteen players are generally connected at any given time and staff loiter in public. Adult areas are banned from the system, though consenting players of age are free to misbehave in private. Player creation is immediate and program-driven.

Staff members are friendly but unreliable and govern their actions with unwritten guidelines and simple ethics. Characters run a gamut from humans to Pokémon to kitsune. The atmosphere is slightly bitter and jaded, with occasional glimmers of sanity and reason. Most players can be found at the Industrial Sector Park.


Former staff[edit]

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