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SpokAnthro is an upcoming furry convention set to take place in Spokane, Washington at the Ruby River Inn Spokane (previously known as the Red Lion). The convention is scheduled for August 23-25th, 2019. This will be the first furry convention to be held in Spokane since All Fur Fun over a decade ago. The convention's theme is "Ancient Lands" and the mascot is a River Otter named Slate.

SpokAnthro was founded in November 2017, when Chairman Lemnius Gryphs and Vice Chairman Moorcat pitched in a few ideas along with early staff members. The news was later brought to members of Inland Northwest Fur Folk.

A few months later, SpokAnthro made the public announcement through their Twitter and Facebook stating that they are official, with the convention to be held at the then Hotel RL, which was a Red Lion establishment. Later on, their ideal and original hotel was bought out by the Davenport and became Centennial Hotel Spokane. In light of the hotel being under a new banner, the initial contract for SpokAnthro, as well as for other planned events from other parties, was eventually cancelled from the hotel due to the reasons of renovations.

Shortly after, SpokAnthro found a new venue at the historical Red Lion hotel; Red Lion River Inn, just down the street from their original planned venue. This was subsequently bought out as well, but remained in use. The Guest of Honor is Shariea.[1]


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