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5p1ic3 Karu (also written Splice Karu, also known as Teh 5p1ic3 Kitty; born February 5, 1986)[1] is a casual furry artist from Sacramento, California, U.S.A.[1], whom currently resides in San Ramon, California, in the East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area). She just recently announced her engagement to UK fur boyfriend Ewald and is eagerly awaiting[2] her big move to the United Kingdom.

Fandom involvement[edit]


5p1ic3's fursona is a white tiger with pink hair and violet eyes.[3] Often depicted as a young girl or adult in brightly dressed kandi kid rave attire inspired by Japanese street fashion. Her secondary fursona is a pink and white kitsune, named Mirage[4] She would like to have a fursuit of her secondary character created someday.

File:5p1ic3 icon 4011.png
Icon created for 5p1ic3 by 4011 of her old catgirl fursona

Old fursona[edit]

From 2000-2006, 5p1ic3's fursona was an anime catgirl based off her real life appearance. Starting in 2003 5p1ic3's style of dress, as well as her fursona, made the switch from goth to raver. In 2006 her fursona made the jump to full furry.

Convention activity[edit]

5p1ic3 has been attending Further Confusion since 2006, Califur since 2008, RainFurrest in 2009 & 2011, and the first annual Antheria in 2010.(As well as several other anime conventions) She plans to attend Confuzzled and Euroference sometime in the near future after her move.


5p1ic3 is a long time staff member of the Frolic crew, where she helps run the monthly furry event at The Stud in San Francisco, CA.

DJ Career[edit]

5p1ic3 previously used to work for AnthroXtacy in Second Life, where she was the Head DJ.[3]



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