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Furry spirituality is the generalized concept that furries may have their own spiritual or religious frameworks for understanding the supernatural and metaphysical worlds around them. Typically, such frameworks hinge significantly on animalistic aspects, such as animal totems. Many lifestylers subscribe to their own form of furry spirituality, though it is not unusual for non-lifestylers to also have developed their individual spiritual understandings that may draw on elements of furry spirituality as well.


There are a number of spiritual concepts and religious belief systems that have been incorporated into the realm of Furry spirituality by individual people. Not everyone who considers themselves a Furry spiritualist follows a path that has a particular name or association with other beliefs systems. But a few noteworthy views that fall under the umbrella of Furry spiritualism for some people are:

  • Christianity. A large number of Furry fans are also Christians. For those who have particular beliefs that incorporate their furry interests, there is not necessarily a conflict with Christianity. Many have developed specific thinking on how to integrate Christianity with Furry spirituality and some formally refer to themselves as Christian Furs.
  • In addition to Christianity, there are any number of individuals who subscribe to a variety of religions and philosophy, including Judaism, Taoism, Hinduism, Paganism, and Wicca. In many cases, they have adapted specific Furry concepts into these belief frameworks.
  • Religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism include a strong belief in rebirth/reincarnation, including as animals, and expressly state that most human beings will have experienced many lives as animals before their current lifetime, each of which leaves a distinct imprint in the psyche of the individual. Additionally, the pantheon and religious iconography of these religions incorporates anthropomorphised deities, such as Ganesha in Hinduism, and Yamantaka in Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Some Furries practice either a personalized form of Animal Totemism, modern shamanism, or feel that they are influenced by modern forms of Native American religions.
  • Some Furries identify as Otherkin or Therianthropes to encompass the spiritual element of their animal association. Of these, some feel their spirit actually belongs to another animal, and hope to be reborn in another life in a matching body
  • Some Atheist Furries regard a senses- and minds-open existential approach to life, free of all religious and spiritual revelations, to be integral both to their furry identity as animals among animals, and to their Atheism.


The element of spirituality and Furry has occasionally sparked controversy. Not all members of the fandom are comfortable with connotations of spirituality associated with Furry as a fandom. In some cases this discomfort is inspired by individuals who paint the image of Furry as an inherently spiritual or 'transhumanistic' experience and lifestyle. Anger and hostility have resulted in the past when some Furries have asserted that those who do not attach a spiritual belief to having an animal avatar are not 'true' Furries. Because of those who have attempted to present this picture, some within the fandom, on the fringes, and outside it, have expressed the belief that Furry spirituality frequently makes the entire fandom appear to be a bunch of kooks or misanthropes. This can be further encouraged by mannerisms associated with therians such as twitching ears or barking, or sharpening one's teeth to resemble a canine.[citation needed]

A somewhat common misconception among outsiders and anti-furries who have not been inside the fandom, seems to be that all Furries have bizarre spiritual beliefs and that the fandom is a pseudo-religion. However, it should be noted that this misconception appears to stem as much from misrepresentation by those who play up the spiritual associations in Furry in order to mock them, as it does from actual Furries with spiritual beliefs.

By the same token, the majority of Furries with spiritual beliefs that relate to their 'furriness' - no matter how unusual those beliefs - are much more moderate in their public opinions and expression of their views. They do not typically assert that Furry is inherently spiritual and that spirituality is a prerequisite for being a Furry. A common view is that Furry, due to its subject matter, simply dovetails nicely with certain metaphysical and spiritual concepts that may not be what the fandom is fundamentally about, but provides an avenue of expression for.


Furry spirituality is often a topic of programming at furry conventions such as Further Confusion or Mephit Furmeet, which have a subtrack of programming dedicated to furry spirituality.

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