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SpiritRaptor (born March 8th, 1985) is an anthropomorphic illustrator and occasional DJ who is based in Plymouth, United Kingdom. His fursona is an anthropomorphic Utahraptor.

Having passed his FDA in Animation Arts and BA in Games Design with First Class Honors, SpiritRaptor works as a freelance concept artist and leatherworker. Although his work (mainly digital) takes on a very illustrative nature, he leans toward conceptual art and character design. Although DJing and leatherwork take up a good chunk of his time, his passion still lays in artwork.

SpiritRaptor is a part-time DJ at ConFuzzled, where he will almost always be found in the dealers den, artist's alley, or the bar. He can also be found as Staff and Resident DJ for Frantic Eufuria, a large music event for furs held about three times a year.

Spiritraptor was one of the guests of honour for ScotiaCon 2013, where he presented a leatherworking panel.

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