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Spinning Disk is a gay nightclub that appears in Blue Forest by K. M. Hirosaki. It is located on Rayce Street in the city of Blue Forest itself.

One of many clubs in the area around the intersection of Rayce and Hartmann, in Blue Forest's gay district, Spinning Disk is one of the most popular. The club is notable for its blazing, purple neon sign that bears its name, which is often thought to be tacky but which makes the building stand out from its otherwise dark surroundings.

The club itself is in a two-story building, and is equipped with a fully-stocked bar and a large dance floor. Most nights of the week, the club is reliably busy, and it is not uncommon to see public displays of affection--or even outright sex--taking place. Nevertheless, it is seen as a reputable establishment, and it offers the use of a bloodchecker to patrons interested in safer sex for the charge of a single dee (with additional fees for more complicated tests).

There are sometimes "theme nights" held on occasion, but the frequency and schedule of these is unknown.

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Blue Forest by K.M. Hirosaki