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Spinner is an animator and illustrator.


Spinner's fursona best resembles a wolf or some kind of canine, but he is a creature capable of changing his shape, size, and texture into anything he desires. He cannot, however, change his colors at all, so he is easy to identify in any form. In any transformation he maintains telepathic senses of everything happening around him in a 30 foot radius.

Spinner's temperament is often playful, and he can be as gentle and innocent as a kitten, However, he can also be rough and mean as a macro.

Often he transforms to experience things from a different perspective. Sometimes this curiosity lands him in dangerous situations, but luckily, given time, he can regenerate from a single cell of his mass.

Spinner's only weakness comes from chocolate. He cannot resist chocolate whenever he smells it, but he is allergic to it, so when he eats it his abilities, apart from regeneration and telepathy, disappear, and anyone around him gains temporary transformation control over him.

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