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Spikey Wolf (usually only referred to as Spikey) is a wolf and mascot for the Eurofurence TV channel EF Prime.


In the EF Prime universe, Spikey is a multifunctional character who usually acts as news anchor for the TV news show "Prime News". The show airs on top of every hour, and gives interesting information about events happening at Eurofurence, timetables, locations, and educates on certain rules of behaviour, such as elevator etiquette.

He is also often seen as a reporter, getting his information "on location" while being accompanied by a TV crew, or is sometimes seen doing work in the edit suite or control rooms of EF Prime.

Like every wolf, Spikey loves food. He hates CNN star reporter Wolf Blitzer, and uses every chance to showcase his hate by talking bad about him.


Spikey was created as a digital 3D model in Summer 2011, and introduced to Eurofurence in a video spoof of Eminem's song "My Name Is". His main function is being the mascot of EF Prime. At the same time, he keeps showing up in other video productions by BigBlueFox, such as intros and bumpers of the 2011 video for Midwest FurFest or the forthcoming Eurofurence 15 DVD.

In March 2012, a fursuit of Spikey was created by Firestorm Six. His debut is planned to be at Furry Connection North 2012.


Spikey came to life with the help of many people who worked on the creation of the character:

  • Character Design: BigBlueFox, Rizzorat, Neo
  • Vocal talent: Shay
  • Scriptwriting: BigBlueFox, Shay
  • Model and animation: BigBlueFox
  • Fursuit: Firestorm Six