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Spike Papp the Trance Dragon

Spike Papp is an 19 year old college student who first discovered furry fandom back in his early years of high school. He's learned more and more about it by going on search engines, looking up pics, etc. Back then, he never had been in contact with other fans due to his schoolwork. This was until early March of 2007 when Spike became a DJ for Club Rainbow Tiger of Second Life. Ever since, he has shown up frequently talking to other furs about experiences or just to have fun.

The Trance Dragon[edit]

Spike got his name when he signed up for the virtual world "Second Life". Once he started, he worked hard to look for the perfect avi. Once he saved up enough linden, he bought a dragon avi and made his cyan color shadings. Here, Spike Papp the Trance Dragon was born. As time went by, Spike increasingly showed his love for trance music by using all kinds of rave toys from glowsticks to rave sticks. As he played his music on his Rainbow Tiger Radio show, the trance dragon became more and more popular which made Spike eventually come to the decision of making the trance dragon his main character in the furry fandom.

During one of Spike's shows, a raver offered the Spike a cookie. Spike used the cookie to make everyone laugh whenever there wasn't anything going on. He would either munch on a cookie, or climb into his giant cookie bag. He loved to use the gag and added the characteristic of his addiction of cookies to the trance dragon.

Cons and Meets[edit]

Spike attended his first furmeet in Raleigh, NC, back on December 1st, 2007. Spike met up with 4-5 other furs at a Barnes & Noble at the start of the meet. It eventually grew to approxamentaly 30 furs. This meet included Nova Zax, Scape, Carson, Leo, Wolfy, Foxglove, and Durango. Spike went on to attend an additional two more meets in Winston-Salem, NC, that was called Furst Friday. The first meet in this area only had three furs: Spike, Wally Wolf, and Hugewolf. Lots of video footage was taken from Spike and Hugewolf as Wally went around as Nova Zax. The second of the two meets grew to 6 furs (there was also a journalist major doing a story for a class on furries). Despite the heavy downpour, Spike, Wally Wolf, and Scape the Goat went to a gallery as Nova Zax, Carson Cougar, and Scape the Goat. This was Spike's first experience as a fursuiter. Spike is getting a partial fursuit of his own very soon.

Spike has attended Furry Weekend Atlanta in February of 2008. This was his first con ever. His popularity spread like wildfire as he carried a styrofoam rave cookie around the con looking for furries to nom on it. In his videos, he kept a "nom count" to see how many would eat the cookie. Spike got a final count of 101 noms. There is lots of video on his Youtube page.

Spike attended Anthrocon on August 26, 2008. This was where he debuted his fursuit, Loki, a cat/wolf hybrid who likes to cause mischief. While going around as Loki, he would either carry his rave cookie around or play with his "String Thing". The string thing prop got a lot of attention from congoers. Loki was also part of the largest fursuit parade to date with 453 fursuits. When not in fursuit, Spike went around with his camera catching action. He originally had video footage of Uncle Kage's Story Hour and 2's Rant, but were taken down not long after since they would be on a DVD release. The other videos can be seen on Youtube.

Other con appearances have included Furry Weekend Atlanta 2009 and 2010, Anthocon 2009 and 2010, Mephit Furmeet 2008 and 2009, Midwest Furfest 2009, and Megaplex 2010. Spike Papp is scheduled to be one of the DJs for the Friday night dance at Mephit Furmeet 2010.

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