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Spicey Feline is a teenage girl furry artist who lives in Nord-Trøndelag, Norway, EU.

Fandom involvement[edit]

She has been in the fandom since early 2008, but she's been drawing anthro all her life. She draws digitally and traditionally, but is the best at traditional art. She's made several fursuit tails and paws, a fursuit of her OC Mika and a Umbreon partial-suit. Spicey also hangs around on the Furry Teens forum and NorPaws.


Her fursona is a sand cat with dark brown markings and a triangle on each cheek. She always wears a pair of black goggles with a glowing, blue X on each glass. Her design has been changed many times since she was made back in 2008.

Her original fursona was a white ninja wolf, which was greatly inspired by the anime series Naruto. This character does not exist anymore, and was never shown in public.

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