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Spex Wulf is a furry who lives just north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

~ Constantly high on a mix of Red Bull and McKenna Bourbon ~

Spex's fursona is a grey wolf, and he has an interest in 3D animation, an obsession with Mckenna Bourbon and a weakness for young men in tight Football shorts.

Through Ambition and will power alone he has managed to pull off many an amazing feat, with a style and a grace normally found only in Porno Movies and those Comic books that everyone had read but is too afraid to admit to owning.

Forever finding new and creative ways of keeping himself busy, Spex’s hobbies include overseas business deals and varying forms of corporate espionage.

Spex's natural habitat is a wide and varied one. Among various Brisbane Nightclubs and Roller Skating establishments, he can also be found frequenting local DDR machines, affordable Noodle/Chinese restaurants and the ever elusive Krispy Kreams.

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