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Sperkle, also known as Sperkle Spice or Sperk (real name Ben; born July 7, 1988),[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Maryland, U.S.A.[1]

Sperkle has been involved with the fandom since early 2009. He came across the fandom in late 2008 while surfing the web at work one night.


Sperkle has two main fursonas, the first being Sperk and the second being Delta.


Sperkle is the fun-loving, enthusiastic side of the two, and is the complete embodiment of his creator. He is a Golden Retriever/Wolf mix with white around his eyes and the entire length of his muzzle. He originally started out as a simple Golden Retriver, but slowly turned into what he is today.

Sperkle's markings are a copy of his creator's tattoos. They include a single wrap of barbed wire on his left arm, with two dog tags hanging off it, a double wrap of barn wire on his right arm, and the name LADY on his right pectoral. He also has a special tattoo that he and his mate got; a Tribal Paw-Print drawn and designed by the artist known as DragonDrawer. If Ben gets any other tattoos, Sperk automatically gains them as well.


Delta is a gray, black and green otter who represents the competitive side of Ben.

Delta's markings change as the artist wants them to, and he also has piercings. He loves swimming and is built for speed in the water.


Sperkle's fursuit was constructed by Arend Studios.[2]


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