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Toddlergirl (born June 4, 1981)[1] is a furry artist and babyfur who lives in the United Kingdom.[1]


Toddlergirl has two fursonas:[2]

  • Gem, a very shy red squirrel. Gem is around eighteen months old, and is scared of everyone and everything. She is bright for her age, but, due to her nervousness, most people do not recognise this. She always has a pacifier and her toy worm, called Grub.
  • Speckle, a baby pony also around eighteen months old. Age is the only similarity between her and Gem; Speckle is noisy, boisterous and very outgoing. She is completely fearless and a little bit on the dense side. Speckle has an older adoptive sister called Etoile.


Toddlergirl's artwork includes a webcomic entitled Found.[3] It concerns her character Gem, and involves age-regression and babyfur themes. Under the name BabyStar, she has another webcomic entitled Shine which won the 2021 Ursa Major Award for Best Graphic Story.[4]


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