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Techno C. Procyon, also known as (the) ROBOCOON, was a cartoonist, painter, and musician. Their primary influence was within the anthroid and postfurry movements.
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As of October 2009, they are no longer involved in the Furry fandom. This page has been left as a resource for past data only.

Techno's official "fursona" and namesake was an anthropomorphic creature nicknamed a "robocoon", which resembles a hybrid of raccoon, cape fox, fennec, and rough collie characteristics. The key elements of the body are massive ears and a disproportionately huge tail, along with a set of 16 "doc ock" style tentacles along either side of the spine. Other approved forms are a feral/quadrupedal body of the same creature and a bottlenose dolphin with similar markings and accoutrements.

Internet Activity[edit]

Techno administrated The Arkonviox Network and its IRC server for a period of time, and was involved with the Ecco The Dolphin fandom since 1998.

They were also located on EsperNet from 2003 until 2008, when a general distaste for the admin team caused Techno and their friends to transplant themselves on a private network. Past activity of note includes moderating/cofounding #Furry of EsperNet, as well as #eonplanet on Mediadriven, and #furrypub and #robofurry on FurNet, and several more across these and other networks.

Conventions and other RL Events[edit]

Techno attended AnthroCon in 2006, 2007, and 2008, Midwest Furfest 2007 and 2008, All Fur Fun in 2008, and Steel City Con from age 10 until age 18.

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