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"Al" the Albino Fox to Acid Tiger
Acid Wolf to Aless The Tiger
Alessandro Bruno to Amras
Amras Sirfalas to Anthrodreams
Anthrofest to ArseMaus
Arsen to
Aviary Attorney to Barr Wars
Barra to Biohazard
Biozz to Bolt the Wolfdog
Bomb to Bundadingy
BundyFur Meet to Canadianfurs
Cancer to Chad Blackwell
Chad Burbidge to Christian furs(forums)
Christian furs united to Comicon
Comics to Cra-Z
Crack Chicken to D.B. LaGhost
D.Bruin to Darkfur93
Darkfurr to Denver Westword
Deo to Dolphiana
Dolphin to Dreaming Mary
Dreaming of Utopia to Elaki
Elastifur to Ethiopian Wolf
Ethiopian wolf to Faithie
Faithry to Feral Civilization
Feral Crumpet to Footman
Footpad to Frida Åhman
Friday Night Tech to Fur Reality 2017
Fur Ring to to Furry porn
Furry reddit to Fürst (fanzine)
G-GLITCH to Giza
Gizgiz to Grynn
Gryph to Heathcliff
Heathen City to Houspets
Housyasei-san to In A Perfect World
In Between to Ja'Ren
Jaad fox to Jeanne-Marie Kenny
Jeanne D'Arc to Jonah E. Safar
Jonas to Kalaan
Kalahari to Kehsan
Kei to Kincaid
Kindle Foxfire to Koori
KooriKitsune to Lacheeta
Lackadaisy to Liesl Muckey
Life's Dream to Lobocursor Lyceus
Loboleo to Lupine Assassin
Lupine Howler to Maltese Furcon
Malton to Max West
Max le Fou to Mew Mew
Mew Mew Greyfur to Mircea
Mircea Kitsune to Mpregfur to Narffet
Narnia to Nightlife (novel)
Nightline to OOC
OOsarovakOO to Ottsel
Ouendanmario64 to Pawfect World Podcast
Pawing off to Planet furry
Planet of the Apes to Profiles
Profox to Radical Rabbit
Radinov to Ravenwolf
Ravenwood to Reserved Rodent
Resisting Arrest to Rocket
Rocket: Robot on Wheels to Rukus
Rule34 to Samantha Davison
Samantha Kemple to Scudder Kidwell
ScullyRaptor to ShadowstalkerW
Shadowstampede to Sickeleye
Sid Mutt to Skunny
Skunny: Back to the Forest to Son of Earth, Ltd. Studios
Son of Liberty to Spotz Spoog
Spotz Spork to Strange Fox
Strangehouse (furry house) to Synthfox (Germany)
Synthfox (United Kingdom) to Tank Vixens
Tank Weiler to Thaddeus Fox
Thadius Effingham to The Great Mouse Detective
The Grizzly King to The Wizard Of Oz
The Wizard of Oz to TimidTabby
Timm Woolfe to Toyhouse
Tozier to Tymber
Type-Fuck to Vanessa Cordero
Vanessa Heart to Vulpino
Vulpive to White Mage
White Paw to Wolf roleplaying forums
Wolfaboo to Xzion
Y to Zannah
Zanni to ČeSFuR 9
Česfur to 鮎川タウル