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"Al" the Albino Fox to ActFur on Air
Action to Alex Kovas
Alex Krokus to Anari Otter
Anastasia Korochansckaja to Anthropomorphine
Anthropomorphism to Artie Coon
Artie Otter to Azreail Darkstone
Azrial Marburius to
Beast Wars to Blackpaw Badger
Blackrose24 to Braford
Brainsister to C.S. Mounier
C. 'Aislynn Mune' Johnston to Carrus
Carry On to Chazore
Chazore Ayres to Clementine
Clementine Fox to Confuzzled 2014
Confuzzled 2015 to Crusader
Crusader Cat to Dan Raccoon
Dan Raccoon (Canada) to DeWayne Stuart
De furbowl to Dirt Fox
Dirtiran to Dragon Orca
Dragon Realms to Ear tag
Earl Kelly to Eric Demers
Eric Djingarey to FMV Explosions
FNC to Felupus Shapus
Felysha to Fluff and Such
Fluffball to Freaky Furry Friends
Freaky Lynx to FurWag
FurWanted to Furries purr over Pittsburgh reception
Furries versus Klingons Bowling to Furry erotica
Furry fag to Fuzzycoma
Fuzzyfin to Giraffe
Girl to Gryphon's Guild
Gryphon's guild to Hedgehog
Hedgepig to Howloween 2016
Howloween 2017 to Indref
Indref Ashen to Jackleambrose
Jackrabbit to Jenna
JennaVixen to Jouster
JousterL to Kaoru nagisa seraphim
Kaotic Skunk to Ken Singshow
Ken Trayling to Kitaii
Kitara to Kritter Defier
Kritterfox to Laura Watkins
Laurabeth Clark to Lionus Goldenmane
Liphx to Lori'anne Slutchyld
Lori Jackrabbit to MUSH
MUX to Mars Dark Dragon
Mars Walker to Mellis
Mello to Mikachutuhonen
Mikael to Moonchild
Moondancer to Mystic Sabreonic
Mystic Stables to New Tibet
New World to Nose
Nosphaer to Order of the Claws
Order of the Fang to Party Pony
Partycat to Pickles
Pico to Pregfur to Rabbit in the Moon
Rabbitfangs to Rattie TheRat
RattleCan to RenoFurs
Renofurs to Robomilk
Robotech to Rules of Conduct
Rum Wolf to Samuel Jirenius
Samuel Nolton to Sean Isiulgot
Sean Lyon Castro to Shanta Ra
Shanya Almafeta to Silkie
Silky Fur to Slavkei Reventlov
Slayer Lynx to Soucap
Soukouryu to Stacey
Stacey English to Submissiveness
SuburbanFox to TSAT Magazine
TSLFF to Tay Ferret
Tayari Morowskij to The Bestiary
The Bestiary's Terrie Smith Does Art Special to The Only Fair Game
The Order of the Black Dog to Thunderstrike23
Thurber to Tokyo After School Summoners
Tokyo Afterschool Summoners to Tsaiwolf
Tsanawo to Untalkative Bunny
Untamed Hearts to Vital Laįnlětal
Vitani to WereHusky
WereHusky (person) to Windmill Cookie
Windmist to Xanadu
Xanadu: Across Diamond Seas to Yumchat
Yume to Zoomorphic
Zoomorphica to 鮎川タウル