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"Al" the Albino Fox to Acoustic Armageddon
Across Thin Ice to Alex (Madagascar)
Alex (Skunk-Hog) to Amulet Wolf
Amulet Wulf to Anthroguy101
Anthroid to ArtSpots
ArtVark to Awolfgod
Axecat to Basel Fur Meet
Bash to Bit
BitDefender to Bonkstitchy
Bonnie to Bunnies & Burrows
Bunnies and Burrows to Canis Claxis
Canis Lupus Wolf to Chakats (IRC)
Chakona Space to Chronic Thought Suppression: An Idiodicy
Chronicles of Narnia to Complication 5
Composer to Craterus
CrawlingChaos to DI
DIJ to Darkus Canning
Darkus Night to Desim Angefox
Desiree Lee to Donkey (disambiguation)
Donkey (person) to Droggs
Drolf to Eli Lapso
Eli Sin to Eurofurence X
Eurofurence XII to Fanboy Assault Force
Fanboy Confessional to Fetish Zone
Fetishzone to Forneus
ForrestFhyre to Frontier Galaxy MUCK
Frontiers to Furaiya
Furaleigh to
FurryNet to Furryshep
Furryshop to Gage Natura
Gaia to GoManVanGogh
Go Big to Guineus Wolfox
Gulf Coast Furcon to Henry's Cat
Henry Bestwick to Human Furry Animals
Human Suit to Inevitable Will
Inez to Jacora
Jadar Wolf to Jennadelle
Jenner to Joshua The Samurai
Joshua the Samurai to Kannoswd
Kanouse Entertainment Group to
KemonoArt to Kishma
Kishma Danielle to Krasnayath Frostfang
Kratsminsch to Larikaz
Lark & Key to Linnaeus
Linni-Fight to Lonewolf277
Lonewolf666 to MCA Hogarth
MCA Jabberwocky to Margo Alenikov
Mari to Megaplex 2004
Megaplex 2005 to Michigan Wildman
Michæl W. Bard to Mobianfox
Mobius to Mursa
Mursa ArtDragon to Nekomata
Nekomimi to No Angel
No One's Land to Ollie Pup
Ollis to Pablo00726
Pablo Cornehl to Perth Furs
Perthfur Gathering to Pokémon Slide
Pokémon Snap XXX to Puss in Boots
Puss in Boots (fairy tale) to Rainfurrest 2014
Rainfurrest 3 to RedRusker
RedSavage to Rico
Ricochet to Roleplays
Rolf Raccoon to S. Altschul
S. Andrew Swann to Sasho Windfeather
Sasori Midoriyama to Senseless
Sentako to Shema
Shenba to Silvio Haddad
Silvolf to Smrgol T Kirin
Smudge to Sparkdalmatian
Sparkfox to Starrbucks
Starrlion to Sunny Valley Creations
Sunnyfox to Tai-Pan Literary and Arts Project
Tai-pan to Ted Blasingame
Ted MacKinnon to The Cerberus Brothers
The Cetacean Pod to The Plushie Love Forum
The Pokémorph MUSH to Tibe19K
Tiber Ferrum to Toledo Furries
Tolga to Trybal Wolf
Tryffin to Universe of the mind
University of California, Davis to ViperTheTiger
Viperthetiger to Weekend
WeepinAngel to William Haas
William Horwood to Wulfgar Hoketilsson
Wulfgar hoketilsson to Yoken
YoliCat to Zipp Motionless
Zippers to 鮎川タウル