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"Al" the Albino Fox to Actively Lazy
Acus to Alex Osaki
Alex Reynard to Anathema the Wicked
Anatomy to Anthrosketchexchange
Anthrosketchxch to Artist's Ambush
Artist's alley to Azul the Blue Wolf
Azule to Beastcub
Beastcub Creations to BlaiddWolfe
BlaiddWolfe West to Bravo (person)
Bravo Foxcoon to CEG
CF to Casey Young
Cash to Cheetahpaws
Cheetar Cheetah to Clockwork Creature Studio
Clockwork Creature Studios to Conker
Conker's Bad Fur Day to CrystalScar
Crystal Cecil to Dandy and Company
Dandylions to Dealer’s Den
Dealer’s den to Divinity Reisz
Divio to Dragoon Gurbux
Dragoon Tyles to Eccentricities
Ecco to Erika
Erika Fluffy to FURconsin 2013
FURconsin 2014 to Fennec Helix
Fennec Phaux to FlyingFox
FlyingFox17 to Freedom Fighters
Freefall to Fur Palette
Fur Paws to to Furry to Furry
Furry vore to GH057
GIR to Glomph
Gloomdog to Guilly SoulStar
Guilly Soulstar to Hepek
Herald Visions to HungryWulfy
Hungry for Home: A Wolf Odyssey to Inflation
InflationNation to Jadwin
Jadúgara to Jerry Collins
Jerry Keslensky to Julie
Julie Miyamoto to Karn (of) Thunderhoof
Karn Thunderhoof to Kenya Battle Dojo
Kenzik to Kitsunerumai
Kitsunet to Kulonoa
Kuma to Lead to Fire
Leaf Dog to List of animal MUs by setting
List of characters Ninja High School to Love Pistols
Love The Soft Beast to MadBadger
MadDogAirPirate to Mason Murphy
Mason The Horse to Mephit Fur Meet 12
Mephit Fur Meet 13 to Mikune
Mikune Folf to Morphicon 2011
Morphicon 2012 to NZfurs
Na'vi to Nick Wilde
Nickel to Nursery Tails to Osiric
Osiris Henschel to Pavia Mostyn
Paw to Pizzazz Fennec
Placebo to Profiles
Profox to Radiofurs
Radiofurs (IRC) to Raydar Shepherd
Rayle to Rexxxon
Reyedog to Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2008
Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2008/Survey to Ryan BigLion
Ryan Blackpaw to Sapphire
Sapphire-Kun to Seeker
Seekers at the WulfRock to Shayla the Pink Mouse
Shayla the pink mouse to Silverlonewolf
Silvermane to Smash
Smash Greywolf to Spacecat
Spacefurry to Starlight
Starline Dreaming to Sunny (person)
Sunny Valley Creations to Tail High!
Tail Tale to Tefkin
Tegan Mint to The Dallas Brawl
The Dark Wolf to The SWAT Kats
The Safari to Tiger Tom
Tiger Wolf to Toon suits
Toonime Island Muck to Twi Dalmatian
Twice to Vaf
Vaf (IRC) to Voraphilia
Vorarephilia to What The Fur 2017
What is Furry to WolfSinger
WolfSinger SilverShadow to Xles
Xnyl to Zampacon '13
Zampacon '14 to ČeSFuR 2017
ČeSFuR 3 to 鮎川タウル