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"Al" the Albino Fox to Adam Fischer
Adam Fox to Alexander
AlexanderPaw to Andres Cyanni Halden
Andrew to Antisora
Antler to AshBlueFlames
Ash Bearfox to B.J. Redfox
B.J. Wolf to Beetlecat
Beetlecat Originals to Bleu Hawke
Bleu SnowiePaws to Brian Blackberry
Brian Burke to Cadbury
Cadbury Caramel Bunny to Cataroo
Catbox to Chicken Wings
Chiclet Cheetah to Cobalt Rabbit
Cobalt The Fox to Cornwall
Cornwall Dragon to Cyantian Chronicles
CyberFox to Dark Penguin
Dark Prime to Deo Vacuus
Deoloup to Donatello
Dondi Meerkat to Dublin 98 FM
Dublin Zoo to Elttob
Elven Bane to Exodus Helper
Exoskeleton to Faruku
Farvana MUCK to Firefeathers
Firefeet to Foxer Jay Boxer
Foxeris to FurDU 2020
FurDU 2021 to Furlife webring
Furlined to Furry Hangout
Furry Health and Fitness to Fursuit lackey
Fursuit lounge to Gatsby J. Husky
Gaturguts to Graymalkin
Graymuzzle to Happy Tree Friends
Happy Weasel to HonestWolf
Honest Wolf to Idle Valley
Idlewild to Ixerin
Ixiah Kitsunei to JaxPad
Jax (furry fan) to John “K.P.” Cole
Johnathan Daniel Berringer to Kala McCloud
Kalaan to Kekasui
Keks to King's Pride MUCK
King Cheetah to Koru Kitsune
Korva to Lanakila
Lance to LimeyKat
Limizuki to Longfang Wolf
Longhorn Furs to MFM2001
MFM 07 to Mark Barnard
Mark Bode to Mela Ceroses
Melanie Gibbons to Miga
Mighty to Mookitty
MoonDog to Mystic Studios Productions
Mystical Dogs to Newgrounds
Newlyn to Nova Scotian Anthropomorphics
Nova Zax to Orthank
Orthank Tauren to Patriotic Nigras
Patrol 03 to Pipkin
Pippin to Professor Ratigan
Profiles to Raeadh`ani
Raechel Coon to Razz Husky
Razzberry to Rian Real
Rian the Bear to Roland Bloodthunder
Roland Charlemagne to Ryshili
Rythmik to Sasha Shadoweye
Sasha Talas to Seraphon
Serathin to Shibavani
Shidash to Singedrac
Singer to Snowdrift
Snowferret to Spells R Us
Spellshocked to Steven Spielberg Presents Tiny Toon Adventures
Steven Stadnicki to Swine
Swishy to Tamias
Tamias the Chipmunk to ThaiAnthro
ThaiAnthro Meeting to The Hungry Furries
The Hypnotic Beast to Thelxlbloodlxlprince
Thenicewolf to Tizercat
Tj Bluevulpine to Triangle Area Furries
Triangle Area Furs to UnderDrag
Under The Lemon Tree to Vincent (Wolf)
Vincent (rabbit) to Web comic
Web of Stars to Willow Run
Willow Run (fictional location) to Xainy
Xalelydo Nightstride to Yvonne Bonillas
Yvonne Buatti to Zorey
Zorin to 鮎川タウル