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"Al" the Albino Fox to Acroth
Acru-Fox to Alex Fletcher
Alex Goldenpaw to Anakuro
AnalFisting to Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Association
Anthropomorphic Recommended Reading/Viewing List to Arthur Husky
Arti to Azao
Azdeha Starsmith to Bay Area Furries
Bay Area Furry to Black Wolf Jewellery
Black and White to Bounder
Bounder Fox to Byakko
Byblos to Carla Speed McNeil
Carli Chinchilla to Charlotte Allen
Charm Husky to Claire Benedikt
Claire Hummel to Condition
Condition: Blue to Cross-beta
Cross-dressing to DaliWolf
Dalia to Davin Wärter
Davis Olivier to Digitrade
Digo to Dracovar
Dracovar Valeford to Dynotaku
Dyre to Eo Fenstalker
Eolis to FAP
FAP (Yiffstar) to Feels Good Man
Feenixfire to Flaydramon
Flayrah to FoxyB
FoxyFennec to FurMexArt
FurMorphed to Furocity Radio
Furopon World to Furry Teens
Furry Telegram Groups to Furxoticon to Gerrark
Gerret to Grifter Timber Wolf
Griimph to Haul Trek
Have Furce to Horses
Horses' Ghost to Illucian
Illusions of the Pridelands to J3T
J3t to Jay Parowan
Jay Shell to John Stripedfur
John Tatman to Kaja
Kaja Foglio to Kefen
Keglunek to King Elliott
King Elliott Ingonyama the First to Kora
Koray BunnyCatalyst to Lady Bastet
Lady Foxglove to Lightfox (Sweden)
Lightning to Loike
Loja dos Furries to Lydell Emerson
Lyfe to Maple Town Monogatari
Maple Town Stories to Meeka
Meeka the Cat to Michael Underwood
Michael W. Bard to Mixed Candy
Mixed candy to Murrdi Gras
Murreki to Neko2
NekoCon to Nne
No-No the Little Seal to Olive, the Other Reindeer
Olivia to Pacific Anthropomorphics Weekend
Pacrat to PeterCat
PeterCat's Furry InfoPage to
Polaris to QMelon
QT Bunny to Rallicat
Rally to Reddie
Reddie Manhattan to Ring-tailed lemur
RingTales to Rorschfox
Rory Husky to Saberath
Saberclaw to Schande Thompson
Schattenwoelfin to Sexual fetishism
Sexual intercourse to Shiva
Shivadramon to Skandian
Skandian Midori to Sobek (Egyptian mythology)
Social Bunny to Spikey Wolf
SpinDizzy to Stitchtib Lazytail
Stockade to Swissfurs to Talyn
Talyn (UK) to Tes-Tui-H'ar
Tess Calhoun to The Furry Writers Guild
The Furs of the West Coast to The White Fox
The Whiteboard to Timeline of furry web hosts and galleries
Timeline of internet coverage to Tracy Bailey
Tracy Butler to Tyro the Dragonwolf
Tyroo to Vector (FurryMUCK)
Vee to WWOEC
WWWWolf to Why Coyotes Howl
Why Mickey Mouse Wears Pants to Wolfling Silverpaws
WolfmageX to Yarwick
Yasashii to Zeem Frostmaw
Zeeme to 鮎川タウル