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"Al" the Albino Fox to Acid Wolf
Acida to Alessio Scalerandi
Alex to Amras Sirfalas
Amroth to Anthrofest 2008
Anthrofiction to Arson
Art to Avon Deer
Avonly Unicorn to Barry Caldwell
Bart Bervoets to Bironé
Birthright to Bondagefurs
BondoFox to Buni (comic)
Buni (webcomic) to CandyWolfie
Candy DeWalt to Chainroaker
Chainwolf to Christina M. Yen
Christina Marie Yen to Commander Kitsune
Commander Kitty to Craeque
CraftyAndy to D.O.P.R.
D. Bruin to Darklord
DarkmaneArweinydd to Derek Macrowolf
Derek McGuffin to Dominant
Domination to Dreamwalk Journal
Dreamweaver to Electra
Electra Flarefire to Eureka!
EuroFur Exodus to FallenExVeemon
FallenFolf to Feren
Fergal to Forbidden
ForbiddenFeline to Frisket (Frisket17)
Frisket Biscuit to Fur Suit Love
Fur Tag to Furry2Furry
Furry4Life to Furry vore
Furry writer to GAfoxtaur
GCFC to Glaz
Glaze to Gryphon Art Exchange
Gryphon SatyrKitty to Heather Whiteside
Heaven's Door to Howee Husky
Howie to In the Doghouse of Justice
In the Grip of Winter to Jacek
Jacen Wallcroft to Jeeves
Jeeves the Roo to Jonathan McDermott
Jonathan Myers to Kali
Kali Orionstar to Keira Fennec
Keiro to King Leonardo and His Short Subjects
King Leonidas to Koray Bunnycatalyst
Korbin OtterTail to LadyKurai
LadyMage to Liger Lindsey
Liggliluff to LoftyFox
Log to Lusky Manchester
Lusus Naturae to Man bijt hond
ManaWolf to Maybe Mayham
Mayfurr to MiDFur XI
MiDFur XII to Misora Rae
Misprint in Educational Magazine Leads Fourth-Graders to Adult Web... to Mr Foxy Paws
Mr Initial Man to Natalie Ceviche Lima
Natalie Goodridge to Niki McRae
Nikita Hussey to Ocean City Doo Dah Parade
Ocean Tigrox to Over There MUCK
Over the Hedge to Pawz FM
Pawz on Pratt to PluckyFox
Plug Puppies to Prox
Proxer to Rae Lee
Rae Naomi Turner to Raydar Shepherd
Rayle to Rework The Dead
Rework the Dead to Rocket Knight Adventures
Rocket Llama to Runoratsu
Runt to San Diego Comic Con
San Diego Comic Convention to Sean Christopher Hayes
Sean David Cameron to Shane
ShaneFox to Sigil Goat
Sigilgoat to Skyler
SkylerMc to Sonitweek
Sonny to Spyke Gator
Spyke Quillen to Striker (mascot)
Striker King Cheetah to T. C. Procyon
T. D. Coltraine to Taral
Taral Wayne to TheDoggyGal
TheDoodleBear to The Jackal Queen
The Jalecki Family & Friends to The furries are ready for some fun
The furry countdown to Tina Hopster
Tina of the South to Transformation Story Archive
Transformation U. to U-18Chan
U-18chan to Vee Flames
Vee flames to WOMEN IN FUR
WP:HOTCAT to Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Who Says You Can't Go Home to Wolfgang
Wolfgang Wolfe to Yahoo! Groups
Yahoo! group to Zasiphoriel
Zassa to 鮎川タウル