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"Al" the Albino Fox to Adam's Mark
Adam's Mark Hotel to Alexander Amadeus Grey
Alexander Ashworth to Andorozon
Andrac Shatrik to Anti-Were and Furry Resource
Anti-fur to Artshow
Artslave to Azzai
Azzarox the Bat to Beaver and Steve
Beavotron to Blastgoggles
Blathering Bear to Brendan Smith
Brendon to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
CS Fox to Cat City
Cat Days to Chibemo Foxdale
Chibi to Clydesdale (United States)
Clydesdale (artist) to CoonWulf
Cooner to Cuprohastes
Curator to Dante Oxalis
Dante Panther to Deidra Bloodmercy
Deimos to DocCoyote
Doc (artist) to Drawing
Drawing Under the Influences to Eileen Blasingame
Eileen Mack to Ethan
Ethan Black to Fala
Fala (South Australia) to Fernando Faria
Fernin to Forests of the Night
Forestwalker to Front Range Furmeet
Front Row Joe to Furbase to Furry (IRC)
Furry (disambiguation) to FursdayObserver
Fursecution to Garr Redstar
Garrek to GotS MUCK
Got fox to Hakawne
Hakeber to Hikaru Katayamma
Hikaru Wolf to IAPW
IC to Iriesii Manifest
Irime Zane to Jammin Bison
Jan to Jintetsu
Jinx to KO
KO Fighter to Kawazu
Kawazu Awazli to Kiety
Kiffa Kitmouse to Kodicub
Kodimade to L
L'Doran Hegemony to Li'l Nyet
LiOneSS to Lobby
Lobhotigre to Luprand
Lupus Londonwolf to Mandewo
Mandy Booth to Meaning of Wild
Mearú to Michael Caddell
Michael Campbell to MitoFox
Mito Fox to Munesanzun Yoru Mitsukai
Munkart to Neko
Neko-Maya to NoVAFur
NoVA Fur to Omaha The Cat Dancer
Omaha the Cat Dancer to Padfoot (artist)
Padfootsm to Petite Symphony
Petora Wolf to Pom Poko
PompFiction to Queensland
QueerTV to Randon Wolf
Randy Darkshade to Reesa
Reesa Lumis to RivFur
RivFur 2007 to Rowkey
Rowrbrazzle to Saebian Frobosh
Saerak to ScotiaCon 2011
ScotiaCon 2012 to ShadowSpawn
ShadowSpawn Soothsayer to Shven
Shy to Skunk (comic)
Skunk (disambiguation) to Son of Earth, Ltd. Studios
Son of Liberty to Spruce
Spudz to Strider Orion
Striker to TD666
TDK to Tasakeru
Taschevah to The Adventures of Nivlek
The Adventures of Queerman to The Listener
The Littlest Hobo to Thobiah Nielsen
Thomas Blue to Tobias Moremost
Tobias Stauhf to Trinsic
Trinton Chronicles to Underdog (cartoon)
Underdog (person) to Vincent
Vincent Blackphox to Web of Stars
Webcomic to Willow Run (fictional location)
Willow Run (story world) to Wyrmkeep Entertainment
Wyrrn to Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series
Yuchi to Zoological garden
Zoological park to 鮎川タウル