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"Al" the Albino Fox to Adam
Adam's Mark to Alex Sturtz
Alex Vance to Anders
Andes Wolf to Anthroverse
Anthroview to Artists Alley
Artists Beware to Azure Coyote Studios
Azure Doragon to Beatrix Farmer
Beatriz Overseer to Blake
Blake! to Breaking The Ice
Breaking the Ice to CF8
CF9 to Cassie Canady
Cassie Collins to Chert
Cherushi to Closing Ceremonies
Closing ceremonies to Convention Chair
Convention Chairman to Cubbi (person)
Cubcentral to Daniel S. Keller
Daniel Sidney to Dee (Blue Forest)
Deecat to Dmuth
Dnapalmhead to Drake Wingfire
Drake dragon to Eddie Gator
Eddy Dobhran to Erna Auvray
Ernest Thompson Seton to F Squared
Fa to Feral! 1998
Feral! 1999 to Folwilliar
Foo to Frindle
Frisbee to Fur affinity
Fur and Loathing to
FurryFoxCoon to Furrypinos
Furryplay to Gaia
GaiaOnline to Gofur
Gogledd to Gusty Fox
Guti to Herpy (website)
Herpy Image Archive to Hy00man
Hyaena to Insert
InsertPenname to Jak the Wuffle
Jake to Jesslyra
Jester Spearmann to Justin P. Reese
Justin Paul Reese to Katanimate
Katarina to Keyla
Keyla Otter to Kiwine
Kix Ryder to Kutztown Dragon
Kuurion to Legends -N- Fables
Legends -n- Fables to List of episodes in There she is!!
List of episodes of The FBA Post Up Podcast to Lucy Black (Badly Drawn Kitties)
Lucy Black (Better Days) to Maho
Mahou Oh No! to Matt Sheridan
Matt Sowers to Mercurial Monkey
Meredith to Minerva Mink
MingChee to Mouse House
Mouse Problem to Naorhy
Naorhy Republic Imperial to NightmareSnake
NightmareTX to Obsession, Deceit, and Really Dark Chocolate
ObsidianSaurian to Over There MUCK
Over the Hedge to Pebbles the Lynx
Pede to Plushophile yellow
Plushophilia to Pumathing
Pumbaa to Railrunner
Railwolf to Rebecca Sharpe
Rebekah Groat to Richard E. Dye
Richard F. Chandler to Role-playing
Role-playing game to S. Altschul
S. Andrew Swann to Satori
Satori RedDog to Serenco
Serengeti to Sheve Dark
ShevvyCoon to Sine
Sinfest to SnowBuni
SnowKitty to Specters of the Dawn
Spector Lumis to Steve's Manor
Steve "the BassMan" Sandell to Sven Tegethoff
Svenska Furries Forum to Tales of the Questor 2001-2004
Tales of the Questor 2005-2006 to Tequila
Tequila DelGato to The Furry (Song)
The Furry (song) to The Tyra Banks Show
The Tyrant to Timber Azurea Mallek
Timber Wilds to Tour de Couch
Tourain to Typefuck
Typhoon Lagoon to Varka
Varmit Coyote to WTF?
WTFur to Why, I Otter...
WhyIOtter to WolfmageX
Wolfmare to Yatagarasean
Yawg to Zel al'Ter
Zel the Wolf to 鮎川タウル