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"Al" the Albino Fox to Acru-Fox
Acru Fox to Alex Goldenpaw
Alex Grey to An American Tail
An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island to Anthropia
AnthropoMORPHINE to Art meet
Art piracy to Ayala Deer
Ayala the Deer to Bastian Mage
Bastian Tiger to BlackWolfe
BlackWolfe Coyoten to BootedFurs
Booted Furs to Buska
Bust to Captain Foxx
Captain Hawk to Character designer
Character groups in Werewolf: the Apocalypse to Cibex
Cid to ConFurgence
ConFurgence 2014 to Cricket Whitetail
Crikey Duck to D Walker
Da'alrakken to DatoMaruko
Dattas Moonchaser to Dexter Smith
Dextra Kard to Douglas Muth
Doujinshi to Dumbo's Circus
Dume to ElysiumHF
Elyssa to Excelsior The Lion
Exchange Pimpin' to Faora Meridian
Far-Seer to Final Sunrise
Finally comfortable in their own fur to Fox Art
Fox Azure to Fujioka-kenki
Fuleco to Furet de Ferret to Furry Connection North
Furry Connection North 2008 to Furspots
Furst to Gary Akins, Jr.
Gary Akins Jr to GotS MUCK
Got fox to Hafoc
Hagalaz to HiddenStash
Hidden Disguises to Hyooman
HypePup to International Yiff Centre
Internet Furry Proximity Locator to Jake D'mole
Jake Gillaspie to Jessica Willard
Jessica Willard-Addams to Just Ausronic
Just Fur The Weekend to Kashidom
Kashidom Daheo Nenakh to Kesame
Kese to Kittenkeiko
Kitthesoulless to Kunagnos
Kung Fu Panda to Leash program
Leather Lad to List of characters in Citation Needed
List of characters in Concession to Louvelex
Louvell to Macro Mataki
Macro and Vore to Marvana
Marvana Wolfie to Memphit Fur Meet
Memphit Furmeet to MikeT
Mike "A.p." Sykes to Moonbase Comics
Moonbase comics to Mysterious Mr. Glenn
Mystery Otter to New Coyote
New Dawn to Northern Furs Unlimited
Northern Lights to Opus Toruk-Maktoyu
Ora Forti to Panzer the Ice Dragon
PanzerschreckLeopard to Phoenix Squadron
Phoenixcycle to Posey Pockets
PosiCat to R3n Yiff
RADFur to Rare 2010
Rare 2011 to Reian
Reiki Furlong to Riverside Players
Rivet to Roxiexcore
Roxikat to Saethwr
SafeHaven to Scooby-Doo
Scooby Doo to Shades of Gray
Shadilary to Short WhiteEye
Short stories to Skiltaire
Skiltare to Softpaw the Fae Kitty
Softpaws to Spiritual
Spiritual aspect to Stories from San Iadras
Storm to Syberfox Wolfbane
Syberwolf to Talzhemir
Tamago Bakudan to Terry Mouse
Terry Nogard to The Furry Sanctuary
The Furry Sneezing Archive to The Ursa Major Awards Anthology: A Tenth Anniversary Celebration
The Utlah to Timbehr
Timber to Tory Chang
Tosca Gallespie to TygerMoon Foxx
Tyger Cowboy to Vanara
VancouFUR (convention) to VulpineArtist
VulpinePilot to White Mage
White Paw to Wolfblade
Wolfbreed to Y?
YARF to Zarafa
Zarathustra to 狼王白牙
田代憂 to 鮎川タウル