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"Al" the Albino Fox to Across the Border
Acroth to Alex (artist)
Alex A. Fawkes to An American Tail
An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island to Anthropomorph
Anthropomorphia to Art trade
Artaith-21 to Axxiswolf
Ayala Deer to Bastett
Bastian to BlackTeagan
BlackTiger to Boops
Boosh to Burrito
Burro to Captain Packrat
Captain Pulsar's Rocketship Rodents to Characters
Characters @ OpenFurry to Cinderella Jimu Harrington
Cindi Jimu to ConFuzzled
ConFuzzled 1 to Crimson Fox
Crimson Furquisition to Daeryn
Daexmos to David Cooksey
David Cotelessa to Diana Stein
Diana Vick to Dr. Pantera Tigris Altaica
Dr. Pepper to Durante
Durante Honovi Protettore to Emmett Smith Jr.
EmoBurd to Eye of the Wolf
Eyebadger to Fat furs
FatalSyndrome to FirefoxBC
Firefoxbc to Foxdie
Foxdragon to FurAffinity United
FurAnime MUCK to Furland Roleplaying
Furlandia to Furry Fiesta 2017
Furry Fiesta 2018 to Fursuit of Happiness
Fursuit of happiness to Gatsby J. Husky
Gaturguts to Graphic novel
Gratus Accendere to Halo Husky
Haloth to History
History of FurBid-SF to ITo
IVZ Mush to Iron Artist
Iron Artist (challenge) to Jamie Hewlett
Jamie Malecki to Jimmy Talon
Jimmy Wolf to KAS
KATMANDU to Katsuke saito
Katsuki Adam Lennox to Khress
Khromat to Klisoura
Klivord to Kyash-tyur
Kyell to Leilani Perriere
Leinir to List of furry chat rooms
List of furry convention resources to Lucy Black
Lucy Black (Badly Drawn Kitties) to Magnus Streifengrauer
Magolobo to Matt Boyd (artist)
Matt Boyd (writer) to Mephit Furmeet 2001
Mephit Furmeet 2007 to Milkfang
Milkshakes to Morton Mortimer
Mortonfox to Nadia
NadiaWolf240 to Nicodemus (person)
Nicodemus Narayan to Null Ghost
Nullenigma to Oscar Martin
Oscar Navarro to Paul Kraly
Paul L. Escobar to Pip, The Adventures of a Deer Mouse
Pip: The Adventures of a Deer Mouse to Prince Karo
Prince Vaxis to Rackett
Rackety to Ravennon
Ravens to Rev Fox
Reva to Rocket City Fur Meet
Rocket City Fur Meet 2003 to Runo
Runoratsu to Sanctuary
Sanctuary: A Tale of Life in the Woods to Sean Tomas
Sean Wally to Shapeshifter
Shapeshifting to Silver
Silver-fox to Slavkei Reventlov
Slayer Lynx to Sosh Dragon
Soshi to St. Mary's
St. Mary's School for Wayward Furs to Sub Level 03
Subby to TPF
TPL MUCK to Taursuit
Taurus Beresford to The Astonishing Treehouse Of The Secret Moon
The Astonishing Treehouse of the Secret Moon to The Missing Lynx
The Mistress of Music & Motion to Thorn (Crux)
Thorn Valley MUCK to Tod Wills
Todd to Tristan
Tristan Black Wolf to Underdog (cartoon)
Underdog (person) to Vilkatas
Vimto to We're Working Anthrocon.
We're at it like rabbits to Wildspotworks
Wildstar to Wraith923
Wraith (Zodiac) to Yiffy Ratties
Yiffy Toys to Zillercon
Zillford to 鮎川タウル