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"Al" the Albino Fox to Acru-Fox
Acru Fox to Alex Grey
Alex Hatchett to Anal Fox 64
Anal vore to Anthropomorphic Representation Foundation
Anthropomorphic Research Project to Arti husky
Artiamus Eric Imura to Azflip
Azfurry to Bazz
Bbmbbf to Blackdrake
Blackduckling to Bowr
Bowrll to C-65 Microbe Cluster
C-ACE to Carnivore
Carnivore Planet to Charry
Chartzufim to Clarence T. Hare
Clarisse Cat to Conference
Conflict Armada to Crossaffliction
Crossbreed to Damadar
Damaen DeCuir to Dawsonpbear
Dax to Dimruthien
Dimruthien BloodSinger to Draggor (Pennsylvania)
Draghonia to ECMajor
EC Major to Equestria Daily
Equestria Fair to FA United 5
FAdragons to Felidae (mammal)
Felidae (movie) to Flight Line
Flinch to Foxyshim
Fozzie Bear to FurNet (IRC)
FurNet IRC to Furplz
Furpocalypse to Furry Weekend Atlanta 2006
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2007 to Futerkon 2016
Futerkon 2017 to Ghost Menjou
Ghosting to Grizzled Bear
Grizzly Bear to Hawx
HaxorFox to Hotel yorba
Hotfurs to Impressive Space
Impressive Title to JP Sylvrwolfe
JP Sylvyrwolfe to Jazz the Rabbit
Jazzmospazz to Jonas (Jonas Silver)
Jonas Bagel to Kalida
Kalika to Keks
Kelby to Kion
Kiowolf to Koten Nocnyo
Kotenok gaff to Lambzie Roo
LamiCru to Lilith sturlson
Lillian Verner Game Show to LondonFurs (IRC)
LondonFurs Management Ltd to Lz
Lzz to Marcofox
MarcosWerewolf to Megaplex 10
Megaplex 11 to Micksam7
Micky to Mohan
Mohatu to Mustelid
Mustelidae to Nemos
NeoGeen to Nom Crunch
Noma to Onasi Cats
Once Upon a Forest to Palcomix stories
Paleo to Phantom tail syndrome
Phantomgraph to Pooka
Pookat to Quest For Fun
Quest for Fun to Randy the Potato Fox
Ranek to Reef
Reesa to Ritzgaul
Ritzgaul Gryphs to Rovest
Rowan to Sacred
Sacred Stars MUCK to Scooby Husky
Scooter to ShadowFanatic
ShadowFox to Shriker
Shrink to Skookumwolf
Skorn to Solaris91
Solaris WolFox to Spooo
Spooo Presents to Storyboard artist
Storyfur Prime to Syntax Error
Syntaxx to Tanner Wolf
Tannyn to Tharamir
That's Furred Up to The Incredible Journey
The Infection to The nome king
Thea to Tiny Toon Adventures
Tiny Toons to Trax
TraxSwe to Uberskunk
Ubertech to Verona
Vertigo (DC Comics) to Wandering Trials
Wantholf to WildCritters (.ws)
WildDream Art to Woman
Wombania to Yiff Image Board
Yiff Lounge to Zeta
Zeta-Haru to 鮎川タウル