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"Al" the Albino Fox to Adam Moss
Adam Riggs to Alexi
Alexie to Andrew French
Andrew H. Pidcock to Anubis (god)
Anuboid to Ashley Green
Ashley Revell to BDK
BDSM to Ben Raccoon
Ben Rodriguez to Blondie Holliday
Blondie Pup to Brittany Kuppin
Brittany Shadowwolf to Califur 2012
Califur 2013 to Cenarius
Cenobear to Chris Dunn
Chris Edney to Cologne Fur-Dance
Cologne Fur-Dance Vol. 6 to Coyox
Coz/Effect to DBear
DBruin to Darmon C. Thornton
Darn Blimps to DevilynRave
Devin to Down to Furth
Downspin to Duragan
Duraji to Ena
Encyclopaedia Dramatica to F3 Convention 2013
F3 Convention 2014 to Fear
Fear of Commitment to FlannelDragon
Flapjack to FoxyMalone
FoxyPaws to FurNation Vista
FurNation Worlds to Furre
Furre! to Furry artists
Furry artwork to Fuzzy husky
Fuzzybear to Glacier Icecat
Glaciercat to Guardian Knights
Guardians of Order to Hengeyokai
Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East to Hunny Bunny
Hunted to Ink
InkBunny to Jaguar (species)
Jaguar Bond to Jessica Slagle
Jessica Willard to Justin Paul Reese
Justin Reese to Kate Worley
Katemare to Khedvu
Kheetah to KnightRayjack
Knight Fox to Kyoto Fox
Kyotsu to Les Furries: animal, je t'ai choisi
Lesang to LizzyRoo
Lizzyroo to LupineSpark
Lupine Assassin to Manchado Dog
Mandewo to Mech
MechaRoos to Michael Thompson
Michael Underwood to Miňon
Mkhai to Mushian
Mushroom Grove to Neofox87
Neofurs to Noodles
Noodles Husky to Ooka Fufuri
Ookakine to Panther
PantherPouch to PhotoPhil
PhotoShoot to
Pouncefield to RaKeT
RaZim to Rattuskid
Raul Greenscale to Reptile
ReptileCynrik to Rocket City Fur Meet
Rocket City Fur Meet 2003 to Ruscon
Rusfurence to Sanguine Productions
Sanity to Security
Sedary Raymaker to Shayla the pink mouse
Shaza to Silverpoot
Silverspot to Snack Meerkat
Snack Raccoon to Sparky (UK)
Sparky Can Do to Stephanie Jones
Stephanie K. to Susan Parkin
Susan Van Camp to Tales of Beatrix
Tales of Beatrix Farmer to Terebinth
Teresa to The Furry Den
The Furry Dictionary to The Velvet Underground
The Venture Bros. to Timeline of internet coverage
Timeline of media coverage to Trancy MICK
Trannywolf to UFACon
UFAcon to Venu Shade
Venus in Furs to Wandering Trials
Wantholf to Wild Nights 2010
Wild Nights 2011 to World Of Warcraft
World Tree to Yiffy Ratties
Yiffy Toys to Zipp Motionless
Zippers to 鮎川タウル