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"Al" the Albino Fox to Adam Fox
Adam Fullerton to Alexander (Australia)
Alexander Amadeus Grey to Andres Chung Jr.
Andres Cyanni Halden to Antimon Lion
Antiquity Varmint to Asalis
Asante to B-Daron
B-Daron (characters, main) to Bedfellows
Bedtime Bear to Blaze Xanatos Darkarma
Blaze the Collie to Breezly and Sneezly
Breezy Savannah to CWACOMBfan1
CYD to Castles and Coves
Castro Cody to Chewy
Chez to Clutchwolf
Clydesdale to Coonfire Kimono
Coonix to Custer Einarmige
Cut Loose to Dark
Dark-Paws to DemiHaze MUCK
Demi Haze to Dogs
Dogs Forward to Dreamvision Creations
Dreamwalk Journal to EliTiger
Eli Aeqirpaw to Evergreen
Evergreen Coyote to Fangirl
Fangs (Wales) to Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy (species) to Fox Enigma
Fox Fights Back to Fur-Eh! 2017
Fur-Eh! 2018 to Furidaho 2012
Furidaho 2013 to Furry Fiction
Furry Fiesta to Fursuit Lounge
Fursuit Mailing List to Gateway
GatewayFurMeet to Graphic novel
Gratus Accendere to Hana the Dragoness
Handcuffs & Lace to Hog
Hogwash to Ice Cat
Ice Cream Social to It's a Dog's Life
It's a Fur's Life to Jasonblake
Jasp to John Fox Kinsman
John Friedrich to Kairan
Kairan Otter to KeiHound
Kei (UK) to Kiniel Cat
Kiniro to Koten
Koten Nocnyo to Lang Lang
Langdon to Lingling
Lingonius to Lonnie DiNello
Loomy to MFM 14
MFM 15 to Mark Brill
Mark D. Ashworth to Mela Ceroses
Melanie Gibbons to Miel
Miellaby to Moody Ferret
MoogiMonster to Mystic Eclipse
Mystic Sabreonic to New Years Furry Ball
New York City to NovaForest
NovaFox to Orlando Furry Archive
Orlando Furry Archives to Pathways to Pingu Penguin
PinkFur17 to Princess Rei
Pringles to Radio Parrot
Radio The Fox to Rayvenwolfe
Raywolf to Rhett Foxcoon
Rhia Paradox to Roger Robinson
Roger Wilber to Rzar RocketCat
Räven (Hedningarna) to Sasuga
Sasuke Hachino to Serenco
Serengeti to ShiftFox
Shifters to Sir Kain
Sir Keva Stonemane, Lord of The Highdawn to Snowmeow
Snowmeow Soothsayer to Spid
Spider to Stickypawz Studios
Stina Kitsune to Sword & Sarcasm
Swords and Sausages to Tampa Bay Furs
Tan Wingate to Thai Tails
Thai Tails Convention to The Hundred and One Dalmatians
The Hundred and One Dalmations to Theforgottencoon
Thefurryjackal to Titash
Tithic to Trevvor
Trey Haas to Unbirth
Unbirthing to Vikki Fox
Vikki Rubbervixen to We're Working Anthrocon
We're Working Anthrocon. to Will A. Sanborn
Will Azban to Wylde Rottie
Wyldekyttin to Youtube influencer
Youtuber to ZonieCon 2011
Zonie the Coyote to 鮎川タウル