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"Al" the Albino Fox to Across Thin Ice
Across the Border to Alex Cross
Alex Culbertson to Anaaki
Anabel to Anthropomorphic Dreams Publishing
Anthropomorphic Enthusiasts Organization to Artemis (Illinois)
Artemis Dragmire to Aysling SliverFox
Ayukawa to Battie
Battle Angel to Black Nell: The Adventures of a Coyote
Black Panther to Borron
Borusa Ryalam to ButtBadger
Buttbadger to Caretaker
Cargo to Charles Champion
Charles Davies to Cirrus
CirrusSkyDragon to Con chair
Con crud to Critter Costuming
Critter Costuming: Making Mascots and Fabricating Fursuits to Dakhun
Dakhun Catameep to David Rabbit
David Reynolds to Diesel T. Dare
Diesel Winter to DracoDarastrix
DracoFur to Dustyyote
Dutch to Encyclopædia Dramatica (.se)
Encyclopædia Dramatica‎ to F3con
F4L to Fay V
Fayd to Fivel
Fixed Furs to Foxmas
Foxo to
FurForce to Furluminati (forum)
Furluminati (term) to Furry Music Cafe
Furry Music Café to Further Confusion 2005
Further Confusion 2006 to Gene Angel
Gene Armstrong to Green Lantern Wolf
Green Monkey to Hardwood Inn
Hare to HoneyBadger
HoneyKing to Iceleron
Icelyon to Itami
Ithabise to Jason Drifter-Trenner
Jason Gaffney to Joel Butler
Joel Kanouse to Kahami
Kahlua to Kazak Tharn
Kazan to Killer dragon
Killer whale to Kojak Wolf
Koji Fox to L. Hawking
LAFF to Levyn
Levyn Srovsky to Lizcuit
Lizkay to Lunostophiles
Luos Restil to Malin-m
Malin Meyner to Max Fox
Max Goof to Mfalmelion Creations
Mheetu to Mishioshu
Miskatonic Gryn to Mr Initial Man
Mr Lean to Natasha Petrichor
Natasha Softpaw to Nikoshi
Nikoz to Oddy
Oddy Redwing to Ozfurs
Ozone to Pelican
Pelican (person) to Pocket Monsters
Pockets to Punkster
Punnchy to RainFurrest 0
RainFurrest 2007 to Rebel Collie
Rebel Coyote to Richard DaLuz
Richard E. Dye to Roland Bloodthunder
Roland Charlemagne to S-L-B
S-p-r-i-n-k-l-e-z to Sasha Talas
Sasha Tigress to Senvel Shepherd
Sephiroth Ebonblade to SheolKitten
Shep to Simba Poberyl Maliki
Simba Wion to Snakes
Snap to Sparks Pichu
Sparks Ravefolf to Steam (United Kingdom)
Steam (United States) to Sunstreak (person)
Sunweavers to Tails from the Mynarski Forest
Tails of Lanschilandia to Teijeinese
Teiran to The Dealers Den
The Dealers Den (Telegram group) to The School Mouse
The Schoolmouse to Tiger Tom
Tiger Wolf to ToonPaw
ToonPimp to Tusk silver
Tuskyn to V. Caicedo
V0LT4GE to Volle (novel)
Voln to Westhaven
Westword to Within Hallowed Walls
Withoneb to Xenke Feliolf
Xenmasterqwerty to Zack Grey
Zack McConnell to Zuko Vyper
Zumigal to 鮎川タウル