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Spazywolf, also known as Spazy, Spazu, Mutt, and Whiskey708 (born February 13, 1995), is a furry artist who lives in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Spazy got into the furry fandom when she was about 13, always being fascinated by animals, mostly cats and wolves. She is artistically influenced mostly by Disney animated features, such as The Lion King and Bambi, or Universal Pictures's works such as Balto. She used to draw anime characters as animals, mostly those from Bleach before her knowledge of the fandom.

Spazu has always grown close to cats, even when she was just a kid so it feels right to have her fursona's species to be a big feline. She is still very fond of wolves.


Spazywolf's fursona is a feral female feline named Spazu. Originally named Spazy, from using the "S" from her actual name, she originally created Spazu to be called Spazy Raver but since all the growing changes in her fursona, she dropped the "Raver" part, eventually moving it to just "Spazu".

Spazu has gone through three changes since her creation. First has a folf, then a Wuma (wolf/puma hybrid), to just being a puma. Her overall appearance consists of light brown, white and black fur colors. She has a long puma cattail and large paws. Her eyes are blue and she is sleek in figure.


In addition to drawing and anime, Spazy's interests include hanging with friends, roleplaying, cosplaying, and listening to music.

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