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Spazman, also known as Spaz, TheSpazztikOne, and SoulTornado (full name Sidney Kerrick Tyler; born March 8, 1996, in Louisville, Kentucky, USA) is a furry artist, currently residing in his hometown of Louisville.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Spazman originally joined the furry fandom in late 2010, with the earliest furry-related account created on Oct 22, 2011, on FurAffinity [1], under his original name SidSpazTyler. Other names over the year have been used, culminating in the final name he would use on all sites for future use, "Spazman" (or some derivative thereof.)


While having several characters to his name, Spazman generally uses the first of his creations, a wingless species of dragon, usually referred to by the name "Spaz".

Additional characters[edit]

  • Ka'Tamra "Spaz" Ci'Karan - The First of Spazman's scalie creations, also used as his persona/fursona.
  • Ka'Din "Wyvern" Ci'Karan - Sister-character of the above, primarily created with intention for use in a possible video-game project.
  • Vera Wright - The first furred female created by Spazman, species being a Marble Fox.

Convention Attendance[edit]


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