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Spaz Jackrabbit is a character in the Jazz Jackrabbit series of platform games.


Spaz is a fictional anthropomorphic red rabbit and the younger brother of Jazz Jackrabbit. He is said to have gotten his freakish looks from eating the Dopefish. Unlike Jazz, who has orange wristbands and a red bandana, Spaz has blue wristbands and boots. He is the second playable character in the Jazz Jackrabbit series.

Mental Condition[edit]

He is mentally unstable and definitely hyperactive.

Special Ability[edit]

His Special Ability is the Double Jump, which allows him to execute another jump in midair to reach higher platforms and secret areas and the Karate Kick which can destroy “speed” and “buttstomp” blocks and deal damage to enemies or other players (in multiplayer mode).


  • Jazz, brother
  • Lori, sister
  • Princess Eva Earlong, sister-in-law


Holiday Hare ’95

Spaz was first seen sitting in the background as a decoration in the Bloxonius levels.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2

In Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Spaz became a playable character with his own special moves, and is also featured in the short animation right before the game begins.

Jazz Jackrabbit 3 Demo

Spaz was planned as a playable character, and so was Lori. However, only Jazz was finished.

Jazz Jackrabbit Advance

In this game, Spaz became a Non-Playable Character (NPC). Unlike Jazz, his appearance wasn’t changed.