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SparkytheCatChu, also known as Pokemonfanyo on DeviantART or Amanda Federico in real life, is a furry artist that lives in Arizona. Her fursona is a Cat-chu (Pikachu mixed in with a cat), and its name is Sparky. She has an additional character named Renei, for the girly side of her, usually drawn (as a personal fursona) for actual real-life vent. Sparky loves to wear hats and scarfs, and has an addiction to them. He wears a red, orange, and dark gray scarf, a dark gray hat with a dark purple stripe and bill with a yellow circle on it, and a red Powerband. His main body color is yellow and he has big, pointy ears like a Pikachu, but he also has bushy dark gray hair, the dark gray tips of his ears are jagged instead of just a regular stripe, he has a dark gray lightning bolt on his chest, two dark gray lightning bolts instead of brown stripes on his back, a regular tail with a dark gray tip and three dark gray stripes instead of it being lightning shaped, and all of his paws are dark gray. Additionally, his eyes are blue and his tongue is dark neon blue. His favorite food is bacon, and whenever he eats a piece, his scarf turns into a rainbow and he turns into a Nyan-chu. (Nyan cat mixed in with a Pikachu.) He was born in a trash can, and he traveled for a very long time, making many friends along the way, until he arrived at a canal and decided to stay there and live with his friends. His cousin also lives with him, and her name is Foxy. Renei is a regular cat, and she wears a bandanna with a heart on it that changes to her mood. Most of her body is white, but her hair's edge is a dark shade of blue. The tips of her ears are a lighter shade of blue, but then fades into the darker shade. She has two earrings on her left ear, a pink one on top and a green one on the bottom. Her chest is the light blue, and her tail is also striped with the same color. Her paws are also this color, and her thighs are also striped with it. She wears a bracelet on her right front paw; one half of it is pink and the other half is green. She has a dark neon purple star on her back, and she has three dots to the sides of both her eyes in the same color, starting big on top then turning small towards the bottom. She has a small neon purple stripe above her nose, which is neon blue with neon purple splat marks on it, just like her tongue. Her drool glows neon blue and it tastes/smells like strawberries. Her ex-boyfriend is Jerico. Amanda herself is more of an outgoing character, both in school, and in the gym. She is a straight-A student, and usually gets first place in all of her gymnastics competitions. She has a three-year-old Maltese named Misty, who she loves very much. However, she doesn't have many friends at school because no one likes her. :c