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Sparky Shep (real name: Mark Lavoie) was a fursuiter who lived in Westbrook, Maine, U.S.A. His fursona was a long-haired German Shepherd domestic canine who wore a spiked black leather collar and dog tag.[1]


Sparky had been performing in fursuits, and mascoting,[1] long before he discovered the furry fandom in 2000. He performed for numerous community charities and businesses.

Convention attendance[edit]

The debut of his Sparky's first fursuit "Sparky" was at Anthrocon 2002, and the debut of his second fursuit "Sparky" was at FurFright 2008. The last convention he attended was FurFright 2012.


On February 18, 2014, Sparky's roommate, Silvermane, reported that Sparky had died, and that "exactly how is still being investigated but it does look like suicide and no foul play is suspected".[2]


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