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Sparky (full name Sparky Reddookami), also known as Sparky15756 and TGLucario475, Sparky Overland on Second Life (born September 17, 1990), is a red and pink wolf furry who lives in Liverpool, Merseyside, UK.[1]

Fandom Involvement[edit]

In the summer of 2008 Sparky joined the furry forum FurNation, where he decided that his fursona would be a Lucario. He then ventured onto Furry4Life and came upon the UK fandom, in 2009, with UKFurs and soon attended local meets in Liverpool and Manchester. His first experience of a convention was ConFuzzled 2012, he only went for one day and still rues the fact he didn't stay for longer and often cites that he's the "Day-Tripper"

Nowadays he's not so much active on the forum side of the fandom but regularly frequents Twitter for socializing, though still frequents forums like UKFurs, Furrypile, Weasyl and Furrie Haven from time to time.


When Sparky joined the furry fandom his primary fursona was a red and white Lucario, changing around the well-known colors of blue and black. He then joined the newly made social networking site Furry4Life to where, after many months of being known as TGL (TGLucario475, his internet name), he settled on using "Sparky" as his name and soon after adding personal numbers to the end of it to differentiate him from other Sparky's in the fandom.

During the summer of 2009, he decided to change his fursona to a wolf, pioneered from his Second Life avatar, and has stuck with him ever since along his Lucario fursona, for which he plans to get a fursuit for the later.

Convention attendance[edit]


Sparky runs a successful Yu-Gi-Oh! trading group on Facebook[2] and is part of a small Football team, Walton Hall Park F.C. He plays as a goalkeeper for the team, and is also their web administrator.

Sparky loves music, especially Queen and rock music in general, and cycling, to which he regularly cycles the 32 mile distance for the Manchester furmeets. Sparky also has a love for Crash Bandicoot games and Digimon.


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