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Ivan Repin is a fursuiter who lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.[1]


Ivan is known in the furry community as Sparkietiger, referring to his tiger fursona and his work as an electrician ("sparkie"). He was previously known as TigerTim and, for a while, adopted the name Thakur (an anthropomorphic cat character from the Ratha's Creature series by Clare Bell). In 2010 he purchased Max the Wuskey and in 2013 purchased Jato the Lion from OzKangaroo so ocassionally uses these names as well


Ivan ran a costume company called Animal Crackers Costume Hire, but has retired that business. He still makes and uses fursuits, but strictly for fun. Ivan is an electrical contractor in Sydney, running TigerDen Communications and specialising in IT infrastructure and phone systems. He also works as a casual with Programmed Skilled and Sparkyhire. Ivan is now also involved in Music, Having started Playing Drums and percussion. His main instrument is the SPD30 Octapad, A very capable drum Synth made by Roland. He also plays Cajon (box drum) and hand percussion. He is currently playing with a community Band, The Wolli creakers, Led by his sister Jane Carthey, and has played at festivals and various community events. He also now runs music Jam sessions at FurDU. Ivan has also been an Amateur radio Operator since the 1970s and after a lapse of a few years got his station license back with a new callsign VK2FUR. He has attempted to run radio activities at furry cons under the FurryHam Banner but has so far been unsucessful. He does however run a field day operation at Bathurst in Western NSW on the top of Mt Panorama as part of a regular Furmeet held there. He is also now involved in the Maker scene, Starting a group called furrymakersAU and went to his first Maker Faire at the Sydney powerhouse Museum in 2016 where he was the first to fursuit there and demonstrate Puff, his fire breathing dragon, Now fully restored to operation and exhibit other furry related tech he has developed.

Ivan's main presence online is on AustralianFursuiters, having left FurryMUCK when it became obvious he had worn out his welcome there.

Jato the lion's profile on twitterfurrymakersAU prifile on twitter==References==

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