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Sovandie, or Svndie/Svandie, formerly known as CrimsonAngel and StaticPendulum (born December 4, 1993, in Berlin, Germany),[1] is a freelance non-furry artist, blogger and gamer who resides in Adelaide, South Australia.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Although not being a furry artist, Sovandie befriended workmate and furry musician Crimson Whitepaw in mid 2011. This lead to a deeper involvement in the furry community and a higher output of anthropomorphic art. By early 2012, she created and coordinated the Tasmanian furry Facebook groups, TasFurs and Hobart Furmeets, before passing ownership of the groups to Joshua Cartwright.

During this time, she also formed and managed Furtek Entertainment, a now-defunct furry-oriented media company. During the company's lifetime, she worked as a social media representative and graphic designer for a number of bands signed to the Furtek label, including Moon Orchard and Distorted Fox.


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