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Author(s) Cheese
Update schedule Active
Launch date March 1st, 2009
End Date November 19, 2012
Genre Drama/Mystery

SouthBrook is a furry webcomic written and drawn by Cheese. It follows the tale of several fictional characters as they interact within the confines of a mysterious town founded with an enigmatic credo: "No one is ever truly lost." It was last updated November 19, 2012.

The first chapter follows Cheese's original character of Aunoria, a red fox mix. In the particular incarnation of this character in the SouthBrook universe, Aunoria spends the first character arc struggling with severe agoraphobia and memories of her dead husband. Other feature characters play into her coping methods as the plot progresses.

Other character arcs planned to follow other denizens of the town on journeys to confront and perhaps solve their problems.

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