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SouthFurs is a British furry mini-meet group located in the south west of England. It currently holds its main meets in the Bristol or North Somerset areas, but is freely open for other meets to be organised.

It was created by RealDesertFox after he attended his first mini-meet in Bristol 2003/2004. After not finding any information online he chose to set up a section on UKFur where future meets could be discussed.

As of October 2010, there is an additional forum - SouthFurs UK, running alongside UkFur.


The furs will meet up at Temple Meads train station in Bristol (if the meet is organised in Bristol - see link below) or Bath Spa train station in Bath (if the meet is organised in Bath). This is usually in the early afternoon or late morning.

Other meets have included going to @Bristol, local Starbucks, city centre and shopping malls, parks and local pubs.

Anyone of any age is allowed, and the meets themselves do not include any adult situations or places. If the meet were organised at a pub an age limit would be put in place.

The current Bath meets are organised by LeganzaLion


Attendees are usually from local areas, but it is open to all furs around England or the world, if they are in the area.

Counties by colour[edit]

Basic map of the south west counties of England

(Using the map provided right)

  • Red = Cornwall
  • Yellow = Devon
  • Green = Somerset
  • Light Blue = Dorset
  • Dark Blue = Wiltshire
  • Pink = Bristol

All of these areas are commonly considered as part of SouthFurs and are where meets are held.

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