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Soul-Gryph or SoulGryphon, nicknamed Soul, is a furry artist who recently changed his name from DrathnotT because of a change in fursona from an Arcanine/Houndoom hybrid Pokemon to a black three-tailed Kitsune who enjoys being a Gryphon. SoulGryph currently lives in Tennessee after moving from Washington State to live with Yoyox (his mate).

Due to lack of funds, Soul-Gryph hasn't been to a Furry convention. But he does stay online and is attempting to stay in contact with the community as much as possible. However, most of his community relation efforts have been in Second Life. Soul-Gryph is commissioning to try to earn enough money to go to a Furry Convention someday. He hopes that someday, he and his mate can go to every major convention.

Art and Origin[edit]

Mostly self-taught, he started drawing from an early age, but didn't become serious about his art until after he dropped out from high school. However, previous to him becoming serious, he did take art classes throughout his schooling up to that point. His art is highly inspired and refined from other artist's works, as he studies others' work to improve his own rather than learning from a teacher.

Soul-Gryph's origins as a Furry stemmed from his fondness of Pokemon. He eventually became a member of the Furry community from Wild-Pokemon (a community that thrives in Second-Life). Ever since Soul started drawing Pokemon, he has found a fondness for the qualities of Adult/Yiff art, and started drawing Pokemon Yiff. More recently, he still draws poke-porn but he now makes more Furry/Scalie art than Poke-porn. Although his favourite type of art to make is Adult/Yiff, he also makes tame art.

Currently, art and gaming are just about all he does. That does not include time with his mate or family.

Politics and Beliefs[edit]

A Christian, his religious beliefs are more based on Jesus's teachings written in the Bible than what the Christian Media says.

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