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Soshi ("To Impede") is an anthropomorphic male raccoon mentioned, but not seen, in the Kaze: Ghost Warrior pilot episode. He is the character Kaze addressed in the trailer (in a scene that was not included in the Kaze: Ghost Warrior pilot episode) for the Kaze series.

Soshi came to power either during or following the coup which saw the beloved royal family Kaze had served overthrown and somehow gained the title of "Lord." Soshi employs Enforcers to collect payments from his subjugated lands, including Yashin at Itsua's tavern. These Enforcers use bullying tactics, terrifying employees and customers and threatening to destroy places of business if payments aren't made, and even a highly successful business like an increasingly popular tavern has a very thin margin for profit because of these payments.

Kaze and Soshi knew one another prior to the coup, noted by Kaze's "I was better than you before I died" address in the trailer (in the aforementioned scene, which will appear in the second episode currently in production) and by Kaze's vocal surprise that Soshi was addressed as "Lord" by Yashin when Kaze interrogated Yashin, after Kaze had defeated Yashin who was making trouble in Itsua's tavern at the time.

The voice for Soshi is cast to Garr.