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Sophie Cabra
Sophie Gata badge by Mary Minch.

Sophie Cabra is an artist and fursuiter from Orlando, Florida. Her fursona is a purple goat. She also has a secondary fursona, a bengal tabby female cat called Sophie Gata.

Sophie is an avid fursuit maker, operating under the name Surf Cat Costumes, and owns several suits:

Fursuits Sophie no longer owns:

  • Torque, a ferret - The original suit was sold and Sophie no longer owns this character.
  • Stubbs, a realistic Lynx built by Mixed Candy - Now owned by the artist "Clawed".

Sophie created The Bohemians, a comic which ran from August 2004 to mid-2006. Her graphic novel Caterwall is to be published by Sofawolf Press, in September 2014 it is expected to be published in 2015.

She was a Guest of Honour at Condition: Red in 2011, at POn3 Con and Nightmare Nights in 2013,[3] and Furry Fiesta in 2016.[4]


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