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Sontock sporting her Autumn/Winter coat

Sontock, full Sontock Tsukino (real name Jennifer Wyvill or Jeni, née Jennifer Hartman), is a furry artist from Bear, Delaware, USA.[1]


Sontock is a moderator on a The Sims fan site (SimsForums) and enjoys watching Naruto over and over again; she is obsessed with character Gaara.

Jeni is engaged to the man behind her mate, Sean Wyvill (ChibiKitsune). She is the youngest of three, with an older sister who currently lives in Georgia with her boyfriend and his family, and an older brother who passed away in 1997.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Sontock likes to attend Anthrocon whenever possible. Sontock can be found on Tapestries under her own name where she leads a somewhat different lifestyle than that which you would find her in at any other given time.[clarify]


Sontock's fursona is a cougar. During the Spring and Summer she is found sporting the typical soft golden-tan with light brown markings of a cougar, with dark brown hair. During the Autumn and Winter she sports a silver-gray coat with dark gray markings and black hair. Her eyes are always blue. Her fursona's height is the same as her real life height, of 5 feet 2.5 inches (1.58 meters). She is generally clothed, except when at home with her mate, ChibiKitsune.

Convention attendance[edit]


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