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Sono Eliane Anderson-Kei
Sono's first (and most treasured) badge done by Banrai.
Real name Angela Kathryn Helen Long
Spouse(s) or mate(s) Suri
Profession or hobby Artist
Character species "Een" (Mammalian Dragon)

Sono Eliane Anderson-Kei is the alias of Angela Kathryn Helen Long. She is an artist of both furry and non-furry characters, and works to maintain a balance between the two. She lives in the downtown New York City area, attending college at the School of Visual Arts as a Cartooning major. She aspires to be come a Graphic Novelist.

She is from the Neptune area in Monmouth County, New Jersey. She graduated in June 2006 from Communications High School in Wall, NJ. She is happily dating Suri, who is currently a student at Rutgers University in New Jersey. The two of them work under a creative partnership under the name Poisonous Remedy Studios. Their website is currently undergoing major renovation.

If she is known at all, it is possibly for her Kukidist Mythology project, or one of her webcomics.

Sono has a love of light green and pink as a color scheme and hearts in dialogue bubbles.

Sono: The Dragon[edit]

Sono As An Avatar[edit]

Sono's "Pixel Fighter" ID for DeviantArt

Sono is a flightless mammalian dragon called an Een. The species is most noted for having four ears instead of two. The upper set of ears is used for hearing sounds over long distances, while the lower set of ears are for shorter ranged sounds. The anatomy is similar to that of a hyena. She appears as a feral een, an een anthro, and a human with een ears (all four of them) and a tail.

Sono's coloring is a base of dark grey, with her mane, muzzle, the topside of her tail, and her upper set of ears being a gold-yellow. The furless skin membranes on her wing-structures, as well as the inside of her ears, are a pale yellow. This color scheme descends from the hair color of the human character Sono.

Sono is most commonly found in feral form, but on occasion is seen in anthropomorphic form. In this form she generally loses the yellow mane down her back, and her hair models the hairstyle of the human Sono. In anthropomorphic form, she is often seen with Suri (an angler-fox), Cass (a chinchilla) or both, as these are the two most important people in her life. Suri is also sometimes seen in feral form with Sono. Cass has only been in feral form once, in a concept for a larger work. She appeared as a hybrid chinchilla-cat.

Prior to her history as an een, Sono appeared as (in chronological order) a cat girl, a human, a fox anthro, and a fox girl. The latest form co-existed with her een form until June 2006 when she and her ex-boyfriend ended their relationship. As a sign of the change in her life, Sono dropped the fox form and began to permanently have Sono displayed as an een.

Sono's Role in the Kukidist Myhtology[edit]

Sono's Current Reference Sheet

Sono, when appearing in the mythology, is the daughter of Jualia Arwen Kei and Mathau Nanthanal Anderson and the sister of Si Ilun Anderson-Kei. Her father is from an urban thread living in Kin Caroline. Her mother was born to the shrine party's thread. Sono does not descend for the thread's initial alpha bloodline, as her great grandmother migrated to the shrine from the northern end of the Western Region. She was raised as an attendant and a courier, and kept out of the hunting party because of her small stature.

Her rank ascended directly to the alpha of her thread when she returned from a courier assignment with her brother and another member of the thread to find the entire thread wiped out due to an assault on the shrine connected with the country's rebellion against the gods. She was immediately put through coronation to become the new alpha.

Sono is the leader of the thread of eens living in and around the shrine of Caroline, the goddess of Motherhood and Western Compass. She is generally a cheerful friendly creature and is very devoted to Caroline and her thread. She does not understand exactly why the people of Compass have turned against the gods, which resulted in the murder of most of her thread, leaving only herself and three others. Because of the shrine party's close ties to Caroline they are classified as domestic eens. Sono can fluently speak the "Language of the People" (English) and the "Language of the Gods" (Invsid). She was taught this as a kit, like most members of her thread, in order to be able to help visitors to the shrine.

Sono only appears in the mythology in feral form.

Sono: The Person[edit]

Sono in her "Pimp Hat"

Ambitions As A Sequential Artist[edit]

Angela Kathryn "Sono" Helen Long is an art student at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, studying to become a graphic novelist. As several members of her close family are artists by trade, she was raised in a very creative environment and in turn became an artist herself.

She has been drawing since 2001, and focused majorly on comics starting in 2004 with "From This Point On", which, after multiple incarnations was discontinued due to a lack of drive in the project. Her main projects now are Idle Thoughts, a "doodle comic" of fluctuating popularity, and a currently unnamed webcomic about soulbonding that she hopes will be along the same lines as the otherkin webcomic "Theri There", in showing how the life of a soulbonder goes, and how her life is affected by her soulbonds.

She is also working on "/0", her primary graphic novel project. She produced the first chapter for her Principles of Cartooning class, but is currently reworking it due to plot issues, and often releases information and previews under a special filter in her LiveJournal. She refuses to make the comic public until she has at least finished the first chapter, but due to the need for restructuring the story the release date has been pushed back. It is uncertain exactly when it will be released now.

Other projects include: "Waiting For Neveah" -- An action/adventure comic that is a spin off of one of the Alternate Universes in /0. (Co-Written by Suri.) "Unnamed Girly Comic" -- A romance/shojo comic that is an experimentation in color an presentation. (Co-Written by Suri.)

Closest Friends[edit]

Since 1998, Sono has been best friends with Cass (who occasionally in her art is in the form of a chinchilla anthro, or a feral chinchilla-cat). The two attended high school together and are rumored to be a collective Russian spy under the codename "Sangi", which is a combination of their given names (Sandi and Angi). They have co-written several fan fictions. However, these fan-fictions have lead to some of the girls' most memorable characters, as well as scores of inside jokes. Cass practices photography as a hobby, and Sono is sometimes seen modeling in her photos.

Sono has been happily dating Suri since June of 2006. He is often depicted in her artwork as a blue and green fox with an angler-fish light hanging from the end of his over-sized tail. This has produced the ongoing joke of Suri being Sono's "big cuddly nite-lite", poking fun at her fear of the dark. Together they make up Poisonous Remedy Studios, through which they distribute art, writing, and comics online. They are currently working to revamp the website from being Sono's portfolio into a creative hub for both of their works.

Sono & Hats[edit]

In the summer of 2006, Sono traveled to Los Angeles, California with Cass to see a Rascal Flatts concert. While there, they stayed in a condo that Cass's family had inherited from her great grandfather. During that time, the girls cleaned out some old items in the house and Sono discovered a grey newsboy-style hat which she has adopted and affectionately named her "Pimp Hat".

For Christmas of 2007, Suri had Cass make a hat in the style of the one worn by Zazu from "Magic Knight Rayearth" as a gift to Sono due to her long-time love of both the character and the hat. Sono only wears it during the winter months but has come to affectionately dub it the "sexy hat" due to an incident not long after she received it in which some juvenile teenagers were making fun of it and Sono turned around and said she thought it was sexy before moving on. She later drew a comic about the incident.

Conventions & Cosplay[edit]

Sono is a frequent cosplayer, and does so at every opportunity she can get -- most commonly at anime conventions. She has also been known to go on photoshoots around Manhattan or on park trails if she can get someone with a camera to follow her around for a few hours. She uploads photos from her shoots to her albums on

She is best known (if at all) for her habits while cosplaying Simon of walking up to Yoko cosplayers and asking if she can have a photo taken of her punching them in the face -- a habit she is becoming infamous for. Every Yoko she has asked has complied, and 9 times out of 10 they have found the idea funny and been excited to be a part of it, even if they disapprove of Sono's dislike of Yoko. Several of her previous Yokos have approached her at later conventions, recognizing her as the Simon that "punched" them.


Sono goes to Otakon in Baltimore, MD annually. It is her biggest convention of the year and the one she prepares most heavily for.

Sono is most frequently seen in the Artist's Alley, although she has never had a table there herself. She had planned for one in 2007 but due to unforeseen circumstances she was not able to get one. She can also be found at Anime Parliament when it runs, where every year she presents a case.


Sono anually gathers a cosplay group of no less than 5. They work out their series and roles and spend the weekend mostly in character. It is one of Sono's favorite activities.

  • In 2005, she cosplayed Hanon Hosho in a Mermaid Melody Pitchi Pitchi Pitch cosplay group with 4 others.
  • In 2006, she cosplayed Edward Elric in a FullMetal Alchemist cosplay group with 5 others.
  • In 2007, she cosplayed Miles Edgeworth in a Phoenix Wright cosplay group with 8 others.
  • In 2008, she cosplayed Simon from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. this was her first solo cosplay.

Sono had made cosplay plans with Suri for 2008 to cosplay Simon and Kamina (respectively) from the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, but due to financial issues, Suri's Kamina cosplay was put on hold until 2009 where they will be joined by Cass as Nia.

Due to her own financial issues, the 2008 Simon cosplay was almost canceled all together, but a very generous anonymous soul purchased the costume for Sono, and many generous furs commissioned and donated money in order to help her get the rest of her needs for the costume. She holds a great amount of gratitude toward them and refers to them as her Gurren Brigade.

Sono plans to continue cosplaying Simon for several years with the hope of also putting together a large pre-timeskip Gurren Brigade group.

Anime Parliament[edit]

Sono and her cosplay group attend the Anime Parliament panel at Otakon every year and present a planned case usually relating to their cosplay. It is their favorite part of the convention and they usually shape their convention activities around the time of the event. To date, Sono has not technically lost a case.

  • In 2005, Sono proposed to have Hikaru Shidou removed from her seat as the pillar. After presenting evidence as to why Hikaru was not deserving of the position he request was granted and Hikaru was replaced by Menchi of Excel Saga on the grounds that "Menchi would show unconditional love to anyone who got her away from Excel".
  • In 2006, Sono, along with Cass (cosplaying Trisha Elric) and DJ (cosplaying pre-armor Alphonse Elric) proposed that Hohenhime Elric was an unfit husband and father and that he be turned into a plush toy and fed to Envy's dragon form. While the evidence they presented did not get their claim granted, they did get Hohenhime convicted of being an idiot, which lead to the same punishment. In the same trial, Alphonse was also awarded the title of "The Man".
  • In 2007, Sono, along with Cass (cosplaying Maya Fey) and Suri (cosplaying Phoenix Wright) put Maya on trial for being a plot device. She was found guilty, but instead of punishment was given a cookie because she's adorable.

Due to AP being turned down for Otakon 2008 (much to the heavy hearted disappointment of Sono and her group) the case against Yoko has been pushed back to 2009.

New York Anime Festival[edit]

NYAF is Sono's other regularly attended convention, since it is held in New York City while she is there for school, and therefore does not need to pay for transportation or a hotel. She has been attending since it's first event in 2007, using the same costumes she has worn for Otakon.

FurAffinity: United[edit]

Due to health issues, Sono was unable to attend FurAffinity: United in 2007 as she had planned.


Sono attended FurFright 2008 where she roomed with Nekonaru Letao, Cliff, Tavani, and Boomer. It was her first time meeting Cliff and Tavani, as well as her first furry convention. She enjoyed it and mostly lurked the alley and dealers room, but has decided not to attend again.

Sono & Simon[edit]

Sono grew up alongside a male tabby cat named Simon whom her parents had adopted as a kitten two years before she was born. Because she did not have any siblings, Simon became an "older brother" figure to Sono. Simon passed away on October 13, 2001 at approximately 6:35 PM from unknown causes at the age of 16.

Simon has appeared in several of Sono's projects over the years, most notably the now scrapped RPG Video game "Nocturne Prelude" which had been started in his memory. He also appeared in the 23rd theme of her LiveJournal. The character "MaoYuu" and his relationship to the fictional side of Sono was also heavily based on Simon and his relationship to Sono.

Recently Sono has taken commissions of herself and Simon dressed as the characters Simon and Nia from the anime "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann" after she started watching the series due to an interest sparked by one of the lead characters being named Simon.

Common Characters[edit]

Several of Sono's fully feral characters
  • Lorena Seres Noble - Sono's most popular non-furry character, and the main character of the comic she is working on for school. Lorena is a favored soul of Junpei, the eastern cardinal god, and able to manipulate water at will. She has a fondness for dogs and dragons, and a bitter hatred of cats and crows. Lorena is most easily recognised by her long blue hair, design tattooed across her forearm, burn scar over her back, and her height of 7'2".
  • Mao-Yuu and Ieron - The two main supporting cast members in "From This Point On". Mao-Yuu is the youngest son of the gods Mao-Kai and Mao-Ren, but was dead upon birth. Because of his immortal blood, he became a ghost. He wandered into Sono's house and, seeing her personal dilemma, offered to take care of her. Ieron is a river spirit that Sono found and adopted when he was a kit. Both characters are homosexual, and are a couple. During the early runs of "From This Point On", there were several ongoing jokes about the two of them being the series's "super secret shonen-ai", and about Mao-Yuu's inability to complete more than 10 seconds of any DDR song. They make a brief appearance in "/0".
  • Jenna Yuki - By far, the oldest of Sono's characters, having existed for approximately 10 years. She currently appears in Sono's webcomic, Stand (now on Hiatus). Her species is listed as "Canid", meaning she is from the world called "Canis" home of wolf/snow spirits, one of two animal-spirit based worlds in her story. She is sent to Earth after her people are killed in a war against Felidae, a cat/metal spirit world. In an agreement with a moon spirit, if Jenna performs an undescribed task her people will be returned to their former glory. On Earth, Jenna meets Keisuke Yuki, who would eventually become her husband and the father of her two biological children, Balto and Myst. Jenna also adopts a third child by the name of Amber.
  • Zero, One, and Dos - The three siblings of the apocalypse. All three are giant dogs in their natural form, but are often seen in human forms. Zero and One are twin boys, while Dos is their younger sister. Both brothers are married, and Zero is the father of two children. Dos at this time remains single. All three siblings appear in the 10 page comic "Misunderstood".

Suri and Angler-Fox[edit]

Suri's anthro Angler-Fox form, as drawn by Sono

Suri is a character created by Pat Price. He is a fox ninja and is a main character in the continuity of the stories he is in.

Sono Eliane Anderson-Kei, who Pat Price was dating, used the name Suri in creating a persona for Pat himself, and created the Angler-Fox species, giving him the Angler-Fox Suri as a fursona. This was entirely so she could more easily depict him in her artwork, as Sono delved further into the world of furry/anthro artwork. Pat himself is not a fur or otherkin. He is almost always depicted in artwork alongside Sono, and has only once appeared by himself. He is said to be Sono's "big cuddly nitelight" because of his tail. This pokes fun at Sono's fear of the dark.

An Angler-Fox

Angler-Fox (Vulpes cousei) are a fictional species of fox created by Angela "Sono" Long with an angler-light hanging from the end of their tail. They were initially created as a gift to her boyfriend, Suri, and she commonly depicts him as a blue and green angler-fox.

The only other known angler-fox depicted was a teal and purple angler fox drawn for the first round of WTFolio.


The body structure is very similar to the common red fox (Vulpes vulpes). From its tail dangles a structure capable of generating its own light, much like the light on an angler fish's head, and used for much the same purpose -- catching prey. They have abnormally large ears so as to catch low echoing sounds, or buzzing sounds, from their prey.

Angler-foxes can grow to be 40-50 inches and weigh between 25 and 35 pounds. They can be most commonly found in thick woods, caves, or any other location that is consistently dark.

Subspecies include maned angler foxes, short-haired angler foxes, and royal angler foxes.

Family units[edit]

Angler foxes generally live in small family groups, "clans", of 2-6. Clans generally consist of a pair of angler fox mates, but in areas where general food supply is scarce, they may band together to capture bigger prey.

However, angler foxes are primarily solitary creatures, and do not have a social hierarchy. In the rare case of a larger clan of angler foxes, the eldest members of the clan generally lead the others in decision making, and do most of the raising of kits, while younger members lead the hunting party.

Angler foxes give live birth, generally 2-3 kits in a litter. Kits are born with their eyes closed, and with a short, downy coat of fur which will be shed and allow for a full coat to grow in after 6-8 weeks.


The common diet of an angler fox is berries and other plants, insects, and small mammals such as rodents and birds. In areas where such foods are scarce. they may hunt larger game such as deer.


Angler foxes communicate through a series of yips and barks. They are incapable of learning human language.


"Morning Sea" - The first een artwork done by Sono

Eens are a fictional species of flightless mammalian dragon created by Angela "Sono" Long. Their anatomy is loosely based on that of a hyena, and are usually bi-colored. Eens first debuted in June 23, 2005 in Sono's deviantART gallery. The first Een was a black and pink female, who was adopted and named Garnet by a friend of Sono. Initially Eens were spotted, but as the design grew, many have lost that distinct pattern.

Although Garnet was the first Een to debut, the most well known beyond Sono are the Seven Deadly Eens, each embodying one of the seven deadly sins (as well as three additional sins who are offspring of the initial seven), and Udon, a purple and green Een who bared an uncanny resemblance to Sloth. This is most likely because Sono likes the color combination, and not because of a relationship between the two.

Other known eens include K, Gojyo, and Kusanagi.


Eens have the general body structure of the Crocuta (hyena) family. They are noted for having four ears for being able to hear nearby (upper ears) and distant (lower ears) sounds. The back of the forelegs have a winglike membrane that is not advanced enough for flight. A similar structure exists on either side of the spin btween the fore and hind legs. While it does not occur in all eens, most are dual colored. The body is one color while the muzzle, mane, back, and sometimes ears are another. The neck is slightly elongated to be able to have the head reach the ground easily and be raised high enough to get a better range of sight and sound.

Sono E. Anderson-Kei's Character Model Sheet

Subspecies are generally named for the length of the mane (i.e. Maned Een, Short Haired Een), and then the area they reside in. (i.e. Plains Een, Tundra Een, Forest Een). The only exception are domesticated eens, whose area categorization becomes 'domestic' instead regional. A full subspecies name includes both (i.e. Maned Tundra Een, Short Haired Doemstic Een).


Eens can be found anywhere where the temperature is constant. They are most often found in areas like desert, tundra, or rainforests, but can be found in any area with a stable climate.

Social Structure[edit]

Eens live in clans called "threads" of anywhere from 20 to 30. There is a hierarchy among each gender, with a position in the female hierarchy being always one position above the male equivalent. It is rare for there to be eens living outside of a thread, but those released into the wild from domesticated habitats often remain in solitude.

Females are the dominant gender in the een species, and any decisions by the alpha female are final. In times of plenty, competition over food is rare but during famine the alpha female is the first to eat, followed by other females. Males sometimes do not receive food at all. If too many members begin to starve, a thread may leave it's territory and merge with a neighboring thread to survive. A female een will remain in her thread for her entire life, while a male will leave to find a mate upon reaching sexual maturity (15-20 years). Eens mate for life and usually only have one or two mates in a lifetime.

Eens give live birth, generally 4-8 kits in a litter. Kits are born furless, with their eyes open and formed teeth. A full coat of fur grows in over a period of two weeks. Kits are raised by females who are either lame, too old, or have some other reason to not be part of the hunting party. All members of the thread at some point take an active role in raising the kits once they are old enough to leave the maternity den (6 months-1 year).


Eens communicate through a series of yips, barks, chirps, and howls. They have advanced enough vocal chords to speak human language, but it is a learned behavior and eens are not born with the knowledge.


Eens are omnivores. During times of plenty the mostly hunt deer, horses, or caribou (Depending on region), and forage for berries and sweet plants. During famine they will eat whatever they can find, humans included.

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