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Son of Earth, Ltd. Entertainment is a full-service, professional art studio, founded in 2001 by Patrick Robbins in his former hometown of Hampton, VA. It is now run out of his house just outside of Charlottesville, VA in rural Fluvanna County, which has been the production house's base of operations since the owner's engagement to his wife in 2004. Son of Earth is a transliteration of the Irish word for wolf, Mac Tire or " son of earth". The studio is dedicated to the creation of illustrations of all genres, wildlife art, portraits, graphic design, and cartoons and comics, using traditional and digital media. The studio's house style, which is seen primarily in the studio's anthropomorphic animal art, is a combination of a Disneyesque style, combined with a little Warner Bros. and the animation of Hayao Miyazaki. The studio's main project is a series of tales called The Last of the Pack, stories about a teenaged anthropomorphic boy wolf and a little human boy he protects from evil forces. The studio's mascot is a wolf/husky soccer playing adventurer named Patrick Rangerwolf.

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