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Something Wicked was SliceOfDog's main furry project until 2009. It was a comic that he worked on sporadically from November 2007. For several months, it was updated on Fur Affinity and deviantART every Sunday. Since then Something Wicked lost its regular updating schedule, until September 2009 when it went on indefinite hiatus. It is likely that it will not be continued, although comics can still be accessed on the several sites that they were uploaded.


Something Wicked is mostly made of 4-panel comics, but originally was designed to be 8-panel. As such, several comics that had already been written remain 8-panels, or could only be shortened to 6. Most comics are traditionally drawn, being pencilled, inked and then shaded in grey. Several comics have been drawn on the computer and given colour, however.


The comic's original name was Something Wicked This Way Comes, after the line was heard in a Bruce Dickinson song (the song itself taking the line from Shakespeare's Macbeth). However, this was later shortened to Something Wicked.


Trey Wolfe[edit]

Originally created in October 2007 under the name Jabez Wolfgang (a roleplay character in a forum run by Slice and a friend that was disbanded later that year) Trey is one of two original main characters in Something Wicked, and one of 4 in the rewritten continuum. He is an anthropomorpic wolf with a distinctive appearance of brown fur, wearing shades and no shirt. Trey is in his mid-20s, shares a flat with Shane and is divorced with one son; Issac. Trey's 'birthday' is October 25th, the day he was first drawn. Trey has proven to be the most popular Something Wicked character, having received the most fan art, and is known for his sarcastic, nonchalant remarks.

Shane Renard[edit]

Shane (originally named Shaun) is an anthropomorphic fox, and was the second of the two original main character in Something Wicked (the other being Trey). Shane is a cashier who shares a flat with Trey, and is known for his lack of common sense. Shane was the first character to be created for Something Wicked, as Trey was originally created for a roleplay forum (as mentioned above). Unlike Trey however, Shane does not have a defined 'birthday', making him the only main character to be without one.

Matthew 'Matt' Pertelli[edit]

An anthropomorphic weasel lawyer. Matt is almost always seen in a suit and is often bored or depressed. He is quite good friends with Shane, as both share 'nerdy' tastes, such as a love of Star Wars. It is often heavily implied that Matt is gay, though he later gets a girlfriend Lisa. Matt's favourite food is blueberry muffins.

Sean Smiles[edit]

An anthropomorphic dragon artist, and one of Trey's best friends. Sean is a smoker and has very gothic tastes in clothes; he often wears skull/fire related shirts and black jeans. He is highly sarcastic and often violent in his attitude, particularly towards Shane, whom has a severe dislike of (for no given reason). Sean has trouble showing emotion, and feels little sympathy for others, but acts kind and 'normal' around his adoptive parents, who he appears to love and wishes to impress.


In January 2010 after a long hiatus Slice decided to do several more comics to round up the current story arc and then rewrite the Something Wicked continuum. Several characters, such as Trey's sister Tami, were shunted into the background, and some characters were added that could not have been explained under the old storyline (ie Trey's son who had previously not existed). Though many strips were written for this new continuum, none were finished or published. The comic remains on indefinite hiatus.

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