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Something Positive is an online comic by R.K. Milholland which has presented a few strips related to furry fandom, as well as other mentions of the fandom, fursuits, plushophilia, and furries in general in other strips. Andy "Aethan" French has appeared in three cameos in the comic. The author has also been known to give the character Choo-Choo Bear an anthropomorphic form to respond to reader mail and questions.

Rumor has it that the character of Dave in Issue 3 of Circles is based off the character of Davan from Something Positive.

In 2003 a furry-hater and a furry fan went before "Almighty Cthulhu" and asked him to settle their dispute. He ended up eating both of them. (link) In 2005, a Reader Q&A featured the question, "What would it look like if the S*P cast were turned into furry characters?" The answer was simply a picture of three furries having hanged themselves. [1]

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