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SolamenteCelia (real first name Celia) is an American writer who primarily writes fiction involving skunks. While many of her shorter stories are very sexual in nature and aim to satisfy the those sexually drawn to skunk furries (generally female), their musk, or their flatulence, most of her longer stories are much more tame in nature and often contain far fewer scenes of graphic sex or spraying and focus more on story. These tamer stories include House Black, The New Squirrel, and Midnight Farm.

Archive of our Own[edit]

Celia created her Archive of our Own (AO3) profile in 2018 first to publish erotic fanfiction of video games, but she now uses it to publish stories adapted from her various roleplays with other furries as well as original, commissioned works. Her longest work (as of June 1, 2021) is House Black at over 110,000 words.


Celia created her DeviantArt page in August, 2020 both to share her skunk fiction with a wider audience and to post nude photos of herself.


"Solamente" in "SolamenteCelia" is Spanish for "only", so her username translates literally to "Only Celia".

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