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Northanmous Kess Star at FC 2008
Soki McCann Twopaw is a therian who lives on the west coast of the United States. His fursona is a taur foyote, a coyote/fox mix.

Soki is a furry artist. A large body of his works used to deal with were and pin-up style arts. Soki is also a fursuit designer, tailor, and performer. His costume works are limited in number and only a few got his suits before he closed his commission list. There are twenty six suits in all that he has created.[citation needed]

Soki attended All Fur Fun 2007 with the original "North Star". He also attended RainFurrest 2007 with Soki and Further Confusion 2008. He was the fursuit guest of honor at Furlandia (2013).[1]

Soki has a therian background coming from the "were" community, and joined the fur community in late 2005. Trying to extinguish the public's stereotypical views on furry culture, he launched a project on YouTube to try and dismiss the ideas he perceives the general public holds as stereotypes about the fandom. Soki's videos were recently removed from YouTube after persistent trolling by 4channers. Soki was also involved in the YouTube Furry War and is credited by some for starting it.



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