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Softpaw the Fae Kitty (born 1975) is a female feline-fairy artist. She goes by the name Softpaw, but will also answer to The Fae Kitty. She lives in Missouri, USA, with her husband, Adar, and her best friend, Turlock. All of them are cast members of the WhiteHart Rennisance Faire. And she herself is on cast as a fairy at the Oklahoma Renaissance Faire

Softpaw's fursona is a cream-colored domestic housecat anthro, with long red hair, green eyes, and a pair of brilliant pink and purple fairy wings. A character in the webcomic The Nightyard was based on her.

Softpaw runs the IRC channel #Gilded_Rose_inn. The character in the channel played by Softpaw is a white-furred blond housecat anthro. She is also seen on Second Life as Softpaw Sommer.

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