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Profile picture on Furry Amino, featuring Snowball

Soda.pop.pop, also known as Marble.soda.pop.pop, or more commonly Sodapop, formerly as meowmeow2023/meowmeow, or Thundercloud2023/Thundercloud, is a furry artist who lives in Shanghai, China.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Sodapop mainly runs a Furry Amino account, which features her art, the art she commissioned from others and other things, such as raffles or process of creating fursuits.

Although her English is very fluent, living in Shanghai has restricted her ability to credit other artists due to not having them not having universally-used social media such as Facebook or Instagram on multiple occasions.[1][1]

Fursona and characters[edit]

Sodapop's fursona, Snowball (雪球), is an asexual, biromantic mammalian hybrid of some sort who she claims to be inspired by cats, lions, deer, and fishes. She is fine with people calling her fursona Sodapop instead of Snowball, and she calls her fursona a "Dream Dweller," even though it is not an original species. Currently, she is very happy with the design.[1]

She introduced her second character, Prayer (祈), on a separate post, who is a Chimera/Kasha hybrid.[1]

Her earliest post depicted a fox named Penelope. Her account used to center around Penelope as her main fursona, but she restarted her account and kept only one post about her. [2]

She is currently commissioning a head, a partial, and fullsuit of her fursona Snowball from three different individual makers in Shanghai.


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